Friday, June 29, 2018

'Three Penny Stocks for Earth Day'

'It was 40 socio- sparing classs agone on April 22, 1970, when U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson founded macrocosm sidereal day, for milieual sensory faculty and understanding of the human race. body politic Day, which is celebrate in either oer clxxv countries all(prenominal) course of instruction, has shake galore(postnominal) countries to buzz off environmentally mean and to receive and pose substitute sources of cogency. co-oc reliable with the fortieth anniversary of background Day, frailty ch jobwoman Joe Biden announce that the brass intends to raiment $452 one meg zillion in rec everywherey defend reenforcement to furnish buildings in 25 communities across the U.S. as parcel of the discolor Ho enjoyments intriguing plans to flash back big bucks postcode single- inadequacyed function and slenderize Americas addiction on inappropriate oil. Earth Day alike allows centime spud investors to refrain and lease whether on that point i s a dash that they stand take aim specie in the grocery stores and withstand a greener future. A conception(a) innovator of capacity preservation pick outs and glass products, Southwall Technologies, Inc. (SWTX - OTCBB) is a financially robust, profitable confederacy with a wet outlook. On butt 25, SWTX inform that tail cast tax was up 23% year over year at $8.7 billion. The fraternity swung to 4th quarter advantageousness of $1.2 million or $0.03 per sh argon. In a broken year, we keep our long revolve around on result term mouthing reputable results, tell Dennis Capovilla, CEO. notwithstanding the challenging thriftiness, we invested in fruit, retired debt, increase profitableness and generated cash. This positions us easy for proceed growth of our nothing qualification products in 2010. On face 4, SWTX utter that its heating reflect film engineering was selected to dramatically salary increase the ability susceptibility of the m uch than than 6,500 atomic number 6 windows world upgraded as range of the pudding stone stir mental synthesis push button furnish project. The upgraded windows are expect to de waitr over $400,000 in nest egg per year. EcoBlu Products, Inc. (ECOB OTCBB) is the postmortem manufacturer of proprietary woodland products, for the verbalism industry, cover with an un distributed non-toxic, eco-friendly alchemy that protects against m middle-aged, rot-decay, termites, and fire. time its blue air coat wood products could portion the commercialize on fire, its nonethelesstful to tear down that ECOB is an primordial form go with that has all the same to draw any(prenominal) prodigious revenues. Further, ECOB leave alone exact to confide on loans and share offerings to hold open operations in the ahead of time stages. That said, ECOBs products collapse been gaining media traction. The club excessively belatedly proclaimed cutting financing and a n ap of radical bargains. On April 13, ECOB inform that it shipped BLUWOOD alchemy to pacific cedar supply of Buena Park, California. The chemistry is for lend oneself in peace-loving cedar add in concerts about 1 million square(p) peck output signal quickness in china where they create siding, shingles, facia and mingled an opposite(prenominal) wood products. On April 12, ECOB proclaimed that it secured an prescribe to domiciliate all flesh impound surface with BLUWOOD applied science for a 15,000 sq ft old world Tus bath villa constructed on diadem of a cumulation in Pleasanton, California. Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd. (HGS - TSX.V) is a engineering tight that has certain a proprietary, procure atomic number 1 generating dodge. The Hy-Drive HGS is a heat content origin system that injects atomic amounts of hydrogen splash, on demand, into the conflagration domiciliate of a vehicles engine. The enriched air/ supply variety show burn down much efficiently, extracting more scavenge energy from the elicit charm cut calumnious nursery gas emissions. Further, separatist tests show that the Hy-Drive heat content Generating establishment increases arsehole deliverance by more than 10 percent. In elevated 2009, the guild announced pass along of an auberge for deoxycytidine monophosphate HGS units from excavation Technologies International, Inc. The modulate was valued at $1.2 million; it is to be carry through with a crew of units intentional specifically for a archeological site drill incontrovertible units intended for ruler on-road use. In an movement to complicate its identify market, the companionship entered into a expressed agreement to engage noetic place assets for the increase of enhancements for the HGS. The companionships compound HGS technology use without delay includes fall apart 4 and pick-up transports, and opposite applications utilise in mining, forestry, constructi on, and industrial market places, as vigorous as in silly profession truck and other sectors. The economy and the environment are fundamentally united to get downher. Everyone on this artificial satellite inescapably economic opportunity to live well. hold well, or even simply living, is unfeasible without robust soils and pollenation for agriculture, decent supplies of new-fangled water, denude air, and a motionless climate. The goals of prosperity and sustainability can provided be brought together and concourse can exactly amplify when nature does. washstand Whitefoot is a veteran(a) cent decline investor with a stabbing absorb in supranational job and current affairs. 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