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Rkot1 Oraganizational Systems and Quality Leadership

RKOT 1 Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Western Governor’s University Leadership Strategies Leadership is, first and foremost, a stance—an attitude. A leader faces the problem and says what we can do to address it. Leaders take responsibility for problems. (L 101: So You Want to Be a Leader in Health Care ) Two strategies a nurse might use as an informal leader on an interdisciplinary team are form a clearer picture of the real situation and start looking for ideas of how to solve the problem. L 101: So You Want to Be a Leader in Health Care ) As a nurse on an interdisciplinary team you could start by gathering information regarding the situation to form a clearer picture. Often time’s members of the team only look at what is affecting their individual work flow. As a leader a nurse should put the patient at the center of the picture and investigate how the roles of the individual team members affect the patient as a whole. People often look only at how a situation will affect them and their workflow and do not look at the situation as a whole.Instead of just complaining about a situation the can take a leadership role by gathering information from all members of the team and piecing this information together as to form a clearer picture of the situation. To become an effective leader the nurse must not only gather the information to form a clearer picture but also work with the team to look for and offer ideas to solve the problem. As a leader, a nurse would not just join in on the complaining.Once the information is gathered and the problem is clearly identified; to be a true leader, the nurse would look for creative solutions possibly initiating changes in workflow to alleviate the problem. A leader goes the extra step to implement change. Active Involvement Two ways a nurse can take an active, contributing role within the interdisciplinary team are identifying quality issues or concerns and ensuring there is open active com munication between members of the team as well as the patient.As a nurse you should be a strong patient advocate. During interdisciplinary rounds you should bring up concerns that may affect patient care. If there is uncertainty regarding the scheduled treatments or procedures and timing of those interventions the nurse should advocate for the patient in order for the patient to receive the best possible care. Nurses must ensure patient safety by asking questions if they are no sure as to whether the right procedure or treatment is being ordered or carried out.It is the nurse’s job, while overseeing the care of the patient, to report any unsafe or potentially unsafe acts in order to advocate for the patient and develop best practices. As an advocate for the patient you should also speak up if the patient has unmet needs such as inadequate pain control or if timing of procedures prevents patients from obtaining uninterrupted sleep. The nurse can also take an active role in the interdisciplinary team by ensuring there is open two way communication between members of the treatment team and also the patient.Patients are generally more compliant with treatment plans when they have active participation in the development of the treatment plan. An example of open communication and team work make be the nurse coordinating with therapy in order to ensure the patient is medicated prior to undergoing therapy in order to increase participation by the patient and therefore allowing the patient to become more engaged in their treatment secession. Teams work more efficiently when they have open communication.The nurse can lead the team by ensuring that all members communicate and are on the same patient in regards to patient’s care plan and goals. By ensuring the lines of communication or kept open and aligning workflow the ultimate winner is the patient due to better coordination of care. Culture of Safety Psychological safety, active leadership, transparency and fairness are four characteristics used to create a culture of safety. (PS106 Introduction to the Culture of Safety) There are many ways that you can promote a culture on safety in your workplace.When someone initially starts a position they are often assigned a buddy or preceptor. In order to create a culture of psychological safety people need to know they can speak up without being judged. One organization has taken steps to stand up to doctor’s if they are being derogatory to nurses or other staff. The nurses can actually call a code in which people stop their work follow and physically stand behind the nurse if she feels she is being spoken to in an inappropriate or unprofessional manner. Spirit on the spot is another example of creating an environment of psychological safety.By enabling anyone to report when someone is caught doing something right such as stopping to give directions to a visitor when someone appears lost it creates a positive environment to work. Act ive Leadership can be observed in organizations that have open forums in which leaders meet with front line staff and encourage questions regarding workflow or any ideas or suggestions for improvement. Monthly leadership rounding is where leaders walk around on units and stop to speak with the staff asking how their day is going and if there is anything that their leader can do to make a difference in their work environment.This is an excellent example of active leadership. These leaders come to the staff one on one and encourage open discussion. Transparency occurs when there is a system in which when errors are reported or near misses are reported action is taken to investigate the error or near miss and change is initiated that will decrease the likelihood of the error reoccurring. An example of transparency occurred within an organization by the change in national patient safety standards requiring two patient identifiers when working with a patient.To create an environment of f airness an organization needs to act when errors are caused by system errors. Nurses often find system errors when procedures are changed or modified. People too often just thing of how the change will affect their own discipline and not how it will affect patient care or the system as a whole. The staff needs to know that if a change is implemented that creates errors instead of decreasing errors they will be able to speak up and a new course of action will be taken.An example of culture of safety occurred when my hospital first implement EMR’s. The order sets were written where inpatient and observation could both be ordered on a patient at the time of admission. The utilization nurse felt comfortable addressing the issue with her leader and was encouraged to speak with not only her leader but also administration regarding the possible conflict in orders. The nurse was rewarded for speaking up and the organization quickly worked to determine the best way to change the order sets in order to avoid the conflicting orders.The organization then took steps to be transparent by admitting there was an error in the original order sets and doing educational seminars for the admit staff, physicians, nurses and coders regarding the conflict in orders. If there had not been a culture of safety and the nurse had not spoken up the error in orders may have continued for months resulting in incorrect or non payment for the facility and errors in co-pays for the patients. REFERENCES L 101: So You Want to Be a Leader in Health Care . (n. d. ). Retrieved March 8, 2013, from Institute for Healthcare Improvement: http://app. hi. org/lms/lessonpageworkflow. aspx? CatalogGuid=6cb1c614-884b-43ef-9abd-d90849f183d4&CourseGuid=c1164ba8-5af1-438b-8a1f-d409911a4948&LessonGuid=b9a441cc-d2af-4211-8ba8-5359c06a8cb6 PS106 Introduction to the Culture of Safety. (n. d. ). Retrieved March 8, 2013, from Institute for Healthcare Improvement: http://app. ihi. org/lms/lessonpageworkflow. as px? CatalogGuid=6cb1c614-884b-43ef-9abd-d90849f183d4&CourseGuid=789d9cbb-7dd3-4fe9-8df2-e0c63725b350&LessonGuid=4b250d37-cf44-4561-b830-53ed5865c6b8

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Were the Conditions Bad for All Black Americans During the 1920s

Were the Conditions bad for all black Americans during the 1920s? Explain your answer fully. When Black Americans first came to the USA they were used as slaves in the 17th and 18th century; and so when slavery ended in 1860s, there were more black Americans than whites living in the Southern States. During this time white Americans controlled the state governments, fearing the power of blacks and introducing laws to control their freedoms. The USA constitution and federal law declared that everyone was equal. The southern states passed the Jim Crow Laws which related to segregation.This meant that white people and black people had to live separately. The areas of society affected by segregation included churches, hospitals, theatres and schools. Black American’s were only segregated in the South. There the KKK (Klu Klutz Klan) formed, their aim was to terrorise foreigners, and black Americans were the most affected by this. The KKK would lynch black people and kill them, they usually raided houses at night and there they killed their victims. By 1925 the KKK had around 5 million members. Blacks found it hard to get fair treatment.They could not vote and were denied access to good jobs and a reasonable education. Between 1925 and 1922 more than 430 black Americans were lynched. The KKK had a huge influence on the people living in the area around the KKK, many law enforcers were also part of the KKK and some politicians were forced into the KKK or else they wouldn’t get votes. Due to the Segregation in the south many black American’s moved to the North in hope for better living conditions, around 1 million black people moved from the south to the North during that time. This was known as the â€Å"Great Migration†.The conditions in the North were not that much better off, although they weren’t segregated like they were in the South they were still discriminated. For example they couldn’t get on the same bus as whites and didn’t go to the same schools. Most blacks lived in poorer housing and yet they paid higher rents. They also got bad jobs. There were slight improvements for the black Americans living in the North. During the time Jazz was bought to fame by musicians like Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith. Bessie Smith was a famous Jazz singer and it was reported that she died as she wasn’t admitted to a white hospital after a accident.This shows that even when people were famous and rich they were still discriminated for their race. Overall the conditions for Black Americans were all bad but some were more severe than other. This is because those who were unfortunate enough to live in the South were segregated and had a tougher life then the black Americans in the North. For those people that lived in the south their life was much tuffer and there was always a chance that they might not live the next day while in the Northern States they could go to work, even though it wasn’t the best job, and they had a safe place to live where they knew no one would raid them.

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Audit of Syphilis Screening in Pregnancy

Audit of Syphilis Screening in Pregnancy Tables Table 1: Syphilis confirmatory test results for forty nine   pregnant woman 18 Table 2: Syphilis s creening results of eleven new-borns of   positive syphilis mother 24 Table 3: Positive s yphilis confirmat ory test results for sixteen   pregnant woman 30 Figures Figure 1: The laboratory turnaround time of syphilis screening   for mothers 28 Figure 2: The laboratory turnaround time of syphilis screening   for new-borns 28 Tables Table 1: Syphilis confirmatory test results for forty nine pregnant woman 18 Table 2: Syphilis s creening results of eleven new-borns of positive syphilis mothers 24 Table 3 : Positive s yphilis confirmat ory test results for sixteen pregnant woman 30 Figure s Figure 1: The laboratory turnaround time of syphilis screening for mothers Figure 2: The laboratory turnaround time of syphilis screening for new-borns ABSTRACT Objective: A re-audit of syphilis screening in pregnancy was carried out to ensure that the improvements in laboratory and clinical aspects of management for the antenatal of pregnant women with positive syphilis screening and their new-born babies fully met were in accordance with the UK National Guidelines on the Management of Syphilis (Kingston et al., 2008) and the Guidelines for the Management of Syphilis in Pregnancy and the Neonatal Period (Stringer et al., 2013). Methods: Patients’ data were collected via query of the three databases: Clinisys Labcentre , Telepath and EuroKing . The n the data were analysed using Microsoft Access 2013. Results: Samples from F orty nine 49 pregnant woman with positive syphilis results serology were referred to a reference laboratory laboratory were sent to MRI for syphilis serological confirmatory testing. Sixteen pregnant woman with of these women were confirmed to have had had positive syphilis were identified . Ten pregnant woman were re-tested screened at least twice during their pregnancy and six pregnant woman were only screened tested once during pregnancy. Over-testing of for treponemal IgM were seen in nineteen patients [h1] with non-reactive RPR titre. Only eleven babies born to mothers with syphilis were followed-up with serial serological test s for syphilis. Only four new-borns were fully screened. Some of the new-borns were not tested with treponemal IgM due to sample insufficiency. Conclusion: There were some improvements seen since the first audit which includes the changes of the confirmatory testing schedule in MRI, lower screening false positive rate, and increased follow-up of the new-borns. There were also things to improve in the management of syphilis in pregnancy and the new-borns of positive syphilis mothers. Treponemal IgM test should be performed only when the RPR test were reactive to prevent over-testing of patients. The test algorithm for screening of syphilis in new-borns should give priority to RPR test and treponemal IgM to prevent under- testing [h2] . In-house confirmatory testing should be considered to allow reduction of test turnaround time’s thereby aiding patient management. Improvements [h3] should be made in the management of syphilis in pregnancy and the new-borns of positive syphilis mothers. Treponemal IgM test should be performed only when the RPR test were reactive to preven t over-testing of patients. The test algorithm for screening of syphilis in new-borns should give priority to RPR test and treponemal IgM to prevent under- testing [h4] . 1.0   INTRODUCTION 1.1   Syphilis Syphilis is an infectious disease caused by Treponema pallidum (T.pallidum) subspecies pallidum . The disease is transmitted from human to human, and humans are its only known natural host (Woods 2005). Epidemiologically, in the UK, cases of syphilis have increased in England since 1997 led by a series of outbreaks reported from Manchester, London and Brighton (Health Protection Agency 2009). Since 1999, diagnoses of infectious syphilis have been made in heterosexuals where the outbreaks are linked to sex work, students and young people. But, there was a changing pattern of infection between 1999 and 2008, when seventy three percent of new diagnoses of infectious syphilis were reported in men who have sex with men (Health Protection Agency 2009). The transmission is primarily by sexual activity (Zeltser & Kurban 2004) (vaginal and anal intercourse) and by direct contact with active primary or secondary lesions (Lafond & Lukehart 2006) for example through oral sex and kissing at or near an infectious lesion (Kent & Romanelli 2008). T.pallidum may invade the host through normal mucosal membranes and also through minor abrasions in the skin (Zeltser & Kurban 2004) such as from sexual trauma, causing an inflammation, ulcer and then spreading through the blood stream to other parts of the body (Goh 2005) .

Business Case for Virtual Reality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business Case for Virtual Reality - Essay Example Recently, the Charity Organization has launched its new and most forward project – installation of a structure dedicating to the contemporary art over the top of a hill. While the location is brilliant, the architecture requires to be taken special care of in terms of setting and looks. The prime objective of this proposal is to assist with project being undertaken by the Charity Organization. We suggest the client to make use of the Virtual Reality (VR) in the construction and development of the whole project. Virtual Reality is a technology that gives the user an impression of the real world and facets, while exploring the computer based environment. The VR is effective in the sense that its expert programming also allows for interaction and the scope for movement, even when the person is unable to move in truth. The research was initiated in the field of VR during the 1930s, when the scientists were aiming at developing a training program for the pilots. However, it was the year 1965 that saw its first breakthrough in the field of virtual reality, where the scientist Ivan Sutherland, published in his paper The Ultimate Display about how three dimensional objects could be conjoined to give an impression of a virtual reality to a human eye. (Thinkquest) Since then, there has been no looking back. The uses of virtual reality have amassed several sectors of human life such as media, television, medical training, reconstruction (mainly used in historical and archaeological researches and fin dings), education and so on. Construction has not been left behind in the task and it has now become extremely easy to formulate the whole structure of the building and also know what its downfalls or advantages are with the help of the virtual environments or VR. (Beier) There are several of our clients, who have benefited from the concept of VR and have effectively used

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Aba riot, woman and African economy Research Paper

Aba riot, woman and African economy - Research Paper Example Nigeria provides such an ideal opportunity to study the contribution and state of African women. It is one of the most populated nations in Africa with varied ethnical groups. People of all economical classes are present and education levels also vary. The nation has a lot of resources though it still has economical downturns. Therefore the study of Nigerian women provides a good basis for understanding the difficulties experienced by other African women as they go through their economic activities. In this regard, I agree with Chuku that women were formidable in their contribution to the economic, political and social development1 During the 1920s, women of Ngwa community experienced increased burdens and threats towards their sovereignty in the market and their use of earnings. Despite this situation, women struggled to retain their status. Men somehow got despaired while the women remained closely focused to maintaining the production of food and palm. Martin says that â€Å"at a time when the adoption of cassava was increasing their farming and cooking duties, they managed to increase their production of kernels and to retain their control of the income obtained from selling them†2. In addition to this, they began to trade in oil and kernels. Despite their hard work, social responsibilities prevented them from spending their income on other investments such as joining enterprise opportunities and other trading activities. In fact, they were denied opportunities to own property such as bicycles. While all these were happening, the European firms decided to increase their pricing and new measuring arrangements among the traders. Women were the most affected since they had ventured into trading activities more than their men. By this time, women relied most on trades so as to make their livelihoods. The situations became unbearable for them as they were not able to offset their losses with the little gains that they could manage;

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Assessing Popper's critique of Marx's historicism as well as limited Essay - 1

Assessing Popper's critique of Marx's historicism as well as limited defense of one or more of one or more of Marx's doctrines - Essay Example According to Popper, the main Marxist doctrines that contributed to the failure by the Australian social democrats to prevent the rise of fascism and the eventual collapse of parliamentary democracy is the Marxist historical doctrine of pseudo-scientific historical materialism. Popper was particularly traumatized by the failure of the democratic parties in Austria to prevent the takeover of Austrian politics by fascism between the 1920s and the 1930s. Popper argued that the communist economic system, which were manifested through fatal ambiguity, passivity and vanguardist politics, and social engineering contributed to the collapse of the parliamentary democracy. In addition, Popper attributed economic historicism and communism to the decline of the Austrian social democracy and the rise of fascism. For example, according to Popper, economic historicism based on Marxist doctrines encouraged the skeptism of the socialist on their ability to reverse historical trends and this significantly weakened their resolve to fight fascism (Hacohen 328). Finally Popper suggested that Marxism led to Austrian social democracy into a dead end by creating real problems that tended to displace another. The social democracy, which Marx promoted, failed to demonstrate feasible economic alternative that reflected market capitalism and totalitarian command economy according to Karl Popper (. The Marx’s ideologies that were inherent in the Austrian socialism committed the country into grave errors. For example, he suggested that Marxism not only failed to provide the Austrian and German socialists with guidelines of sharing political power with the non-socialists thereby resulting in disastrous consequences to their struggle against fascism (Hacohen 327). According to Popper, some of the defensible Marxist doctrines included Marxists critique of psychologism as well as Marx arguments of the autonomy of sociology and

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Analysis of Biblical Perspective Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Analysis of Biblical Perspective - Essay Example When we try to help others for our own emotional fulfillment, the meaning of love is lost. On the other hand, we have to help others without the significant power over them and make sure that our help is done the way they need it, on their own terms. Quite naturally, such acts of love are apt to result in personal losses to the caregiver but one can be assured that they are worth the trouble as long as they are done as an expression of love to God. The perfect example for true love to God is set by saintly figures like Mother Teresa, who sacrificed their personal comforts and joy for the sake of providing a decent life for many extremely poor and sick people who had no one to look after them. When I think of being a caregiver, I hope to strive towards such a level of selfless love for others, even if I start it from simple acts of kindness in daily life. Apart from being vigilant to the needs of individuals and society in general, I would also like to make a pact with God through a n umber of such meaningful little acts of love that would fall into a specific pattern. However, I would also like to keep my work towards that as an issue between me and God, which needs constant self-reflection and prayerful communication with God. 2. The passage from Matthew 8:28-32 deals with the healing of two demon-possessed men. It describes how Jesus arrived with his disciples at Gadarenes where the two possessed men coming from the tombs met him. They are described as so violent that no one could pass through that way. They encountered Jesus violently, addressing him as â€Å"son of God† and asking him: â€Å"Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?† The spirits requested him to send them to a herd of pigs rearing nearby, and Jesus does exactly the same. The pigs rushed down the steep bank down the lake and they perish, whereof those who were tending them rushed to the town to inform others of this.  Ã‚  

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Wireless Networks and Pervasive Computing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Wireless Networks and Pervasive Computing - Essay Example This method has several advantages such as it is reliable, it is ordered, and it is heavy weight (Kozierok, 2005). It is reliable in that any message sent along it, arrives safely unless there is a problem with the connection. Also, when two messages are sent along a connection, the first message arrives first and ordered. However, if messages arrived in the wrong order, resend requests must be sent, which requires a lot of effort to put together. UDP is also a commonly used the message-based internet protocol that does not require any connection (Kozierok, 2005). According to Kozierok (2005), UDP is not be used to send crucial data like database information and web-pages, but for streaming video and audio. It is faster than TCP; hence, it is used in streaming media like real player, and Media audio files. Its speed is higher than that of TCP because it does not require any error correction or flow control. However, it is quite unreliable because the data sent along it is likely to be affected by errors and collision. Also, it is not ordered because messages sent can arrive in any order. Unlike the TCP, UDP is lightweight because it does not track its connections or order messages; hence, little effort is required to translate the data back from the packets (Reid and Lorenz, 2008). All computers, which are connected to the internet, must have an IP address. This is a unique number that is assigned to all computers as a means of recognizing a certain computer from others that are connected to the internet. When information is sent to a computer, it is accepted through the use of TCP/UDP ports. In is highly essential in business in order to ensure the data sent reaches its destination safe and in proper order. What happens is, when a computer program sends or receives data via the internet.

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Regulatory Measures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Regulatory Measures - Essay Example This paper will examine regulatory measures as stipulated in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Indeed, in 1991, the federal government through the United States Sentencing Commission enacted the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations to curb legal violations in organizations by imposing harsh penalties upon organizations whose employees or company representatives commit federal crimes (Ethics Resource Centre, 2005). Ideally, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations would also guide the Federal Judges while convicting and punishing organizational defendants (Ethics Resource Centre, 2005). The Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations came because of continued debate over the significance of instilling ethical conduct in organizations to guide the code of operations (Ferrell et al, 1998). Actually, the need for an ethical conduct emanated from the fact that org anizations continuously violated the law that governed their operations. Moreover, the ethical and legal challenges that faced the managers and employees of an organization necessitated the establishment of an ethics program and its compliance policy (Ethics Resource Centre, 2005). ... On the other hand, George W. Bush signed into law the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (Zameeruddin, 2003). The Act proposed universal reforms on financial operators, lawyers, auditors, corporate board members, and other official that trade securities (Zameeruddin, 2003). The main aim of the Act was to prevent and punish corporate and accounting fraud and corruption as well as safeguarding the interests of the employees and shareholders. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 came as a result increasing of complex corporate and accounting scandals in the public sector (Independent Sector, 2013). Most specifically, the collapse of Enron and reports of accounting fraud at WorldCom, HealthSouth, and other leading firms in the US led the US Congress to enact the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (Vakkur & Herrera-Vakkur, 2012). As such, there was a need to formulate laws to curb this trend and restore public trust in the corporate world. Additionally, the Act came into effect as a way of establishing an effe ctive oversight measure to the financial and accounting operations of an organization (Independent Sector, 2013). Furthermore, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) offers equal opportunities for the employer in compliance with federal law and seeks to create and maintain a vibrant and diverse workforce (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 2013). The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau came because of increased discrimination in the membership in a labor organization, or any other organization that does not abhors merit. As such, it encourages professional development, retention on employees, and offers compensation and benefits packages to the employees. Ideally, we can establish that the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for

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Demonstrate understanding of the events, circumstances, causes, and Essay

Demonstrate understanding of the events, circumstances, causes, and effects of the significant events of U.S. History Since 1877 - Essay Example One of the events that shaped America history is the 15th amendment that prohibited discrimination or denying the right to vote by American on the excuse of race or colour. This event happened after the whites had passed a legislation that disallowed people of black origin not to vote in elections. Black human rights activists, who put pressure on the government to amend the legislation opposed this move. As a follow up to the 15th amendment, a 19th one was made on the constitution that allowed women to vote in national and local elections. These amendments were made under the congressional reconstruction, which saw the southern states divided into military districts. Under this period, Andrew Johnson was impeached for violating the tenure of office act by removing Staton but the main reason was his defiance for reconstruction of the congress; 18th amendment was also enacted in 1930’s , and it banned production and sale of alcohol in United States of America. Although this ame ndment received huge support from the masses, there were not enough police officers to enact it, and therefore the leaker takers found a way to brew their own beer. With time, the authorities found out that prohibition of production and sale of alcohol contributed a lot to law breaking, this led to the abolishment of the regulation. During the period from 1877 to 1913, United States grew in terms of industrialization to become the leading industrial nation with well-organised railroads, labour and industries. The income of non-farm workers grew by about 75 per cent by 1900 and grew further by 33 per cent by 1918. The first industrial revolution that occurred in America saw production move from artisan to factories, while the second revolution saw the expansion of the factories to in terms of size, coordination and organisation to industry level, which was facilitated by advancements in technology and improvements in transport networks1. New technologies in iron and steel manufacturi ng such as Bessemer process and open-hearth furnace combined with other new technologies in other areas led to increase in productivity. In order to finance these large-scale businesses corporations, mergers, joint ventures of competing firms which created monopolies were a common practice. This period of industrialisation also led to emergence of powerful industrialists such as john Rockefeller, Jay Gould and Andrew Carnegie among other industrialists. The period after 1877 is also referred to as the Gilead age, which was enjoyed by a large number of American elites after the recovery from the 1873 panic, which threatened the industrial revolution in the country. This period was characterised by a massive transfer of wealth, which led to changes in the social organisation in the society as it created a class of super-rich individuals, who controlled the industry and whose networks of business, family and friends ruled the Anglo-Saxon white protestants2. Some reformers started to ar gue that the Gilead age had created corrupt and powerful parties and encouraged voters to participate in the elections. This was evident in voter enthusiasm in elections of 1882 where almost all persons allowed to vote participated in the elections where the main issues were modernization, money, corruption and railroads. Immigration of people from other areas of the world characterised this period up to 1918. It is estimated that about 27.4 million people moved to United States of America in this period with 89 per

Introduction to the Jamaican Legal System Essay Example for Free

Introduction to the Jamaican Legal System Essay Legal Sources -Rules of law are derived from various sources in English Law. These include, The Constitution of Jamaica, legislation, judicial precedents, certain ancient textbooks among others. The Constitution of Jamaica: The Jamaican Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land of Jamaica and all other laws must conform with the Constitution or they will be struck down.1 In 2011 a new Charter of rights was passed by Parliament, known as The Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms (Constitutional Amendment) Act, 2010 This significantly changed Chapter III of the Constitution. â€Å"Traditional human rights protected by our old arrangements, such as the rights to life, liberty, property, freedom of conscience, expression and movement remain protected by the new Charter. Additionally, we now have constitutional rights to equitable and humane treatment by public authorities, not be discriminated against on the grounds of religion, social class or being male or female, to vote in free and fair elections and to be granted a passport. The latter goes hand in hand with the now constitutionally recognized right to leave the island, previously excluded. The Charter provides a number of more modern rights, including the right of every child to public primary education and the right to enjoy a healthy and productive environment free from the threat of injury or damage from environmental abuse and degradation of the ecological heritage. These seemingly ambitious rights are nonetheless enforceable by the Charters express provision for redress, not just against the state but also in citizen versus citizen litigation. Claims may be brought by the person aggrieved or by civic organizations with the permission of the court, where there is an allegation that any of the provisions of the Charter has been, is being or is likely to be contravened.† The Judiciary is the branch of government that is primarily responsible for interpreting the law. The Structure of the Jamaican Court System1 The Courts have been given the duty under the Constitution to examine activities undertaken by the State and determine if acts by the State through its various agents are inconsistent with the Constitution and therefore of no legal effect. Acts of Parliament are also subject to review by the Courts to see if there is any inconsistency with the Constitution. The Constitution of Jamaica provides for the establishment of the Supreme Court as a Court of Origination. Decisions of the Supreme Court upon appeal are heard by the Court of Appeal which is the highest Court physically located in Jamaica, however under the Constitution, the highest Court in the Jamaican Court Structure and the final Court of Appeal from decisions of the Court of Appeal is the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council which is based in England. There are other Courts that are not created by the Constitution and have been created by Acts of Parliament. The Court System is looked at below. Petty Session The Petty Session Court is presided over by three Justices of the Peace. These are not Attorneys-at-Law. They preside over petty matters. These include pickpocketting, common assault and use of indecent language.

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An essayist writing skills Essay Example for Free

An essayist writing skills Essay ‘Education matters’; the academic distinction as seen within the essayist is the peak of personal pride and the prime of the essayist. This is the backdrop of his imagery skill and panache as he seeks to make the issue figurative and argumentative and in his situation hypothetical. Within the context, he redefines the role of education with the general public. This is his onset to express his insight about what the general public thinks about situations that reflect on those it knows. BOY. Drop out of school and thats what theyll call you the rest of your life. ‘Drop out’ is figurative and intrinsically variable. It is an expression of discontent towards a situation and the person in the situation. It is a moral insight and one that the essayist seeks to use to make a case against his distinguished position as a disadvantaged worker in a workplace which is far much below his qualifications. ‘Drop out’ is what offsets his passion to describe, discuss and put forward his case. It is what could make you a scorn yet even without the valuable education you are the same match to the drop out. Today I saw them saying something else’ is a passionate and morose appeal to his pride gained from the value of education to make him recognizable. He is now a minnow and below the centre of social repute and distinctiveness of an individual. Within these profound contexts within the essayist situation analysis and his insights about the repercussions of manoeuvres to attain academic distinction yet plunge into a sea of misrecognition by being compared and working as one of those detested and referred as public scorns for their minimal academic capacity is insulting and confusing. To him, it is ailing his conscience. They were untrue in part; it turns out that youll get called boy if you do work that others dont respect even if you have a Ph. D. It isnt education that counts, but the job in which you land. This is his perspective, to expound on the uselessness of education comparatively to his situation analysis. Here we see a subtle cry and his way of comparing his fate. It is an emotional and socially perceptive ideology. Emotional, since he is worried that he learned and hoped to supersede social implications and join the league of the learned employed who influence and are the pride of the society. Yet he is now among the least recognized and looked down on. ‘It turns out that youll get called boy if you do work that others dont respect even if you have a PhD’ This is his point on this perspective, he is learned and qualified yet he works as a lemon cutter and he is not even recognized at the workplace let alone by the barmaid. This point showcases the writers wit and it’s within this context we decipher the judicious self- exposure of the writer’s own character. He is objective and determined a listener and an analytical person. â€Å"Are you the boy who cuts the lemons? This is where we discover he is frustrated and feels insulted by circumstances. He is grappling with reality. His point explains the discontentment of the protagonist about his career and the relevancy to his assertion about education being important and suddenly the realization that it is not on some circumstances† I’m the man who does’ It is his acceptance of his fate and an expression of conformity to the circumstances that he is now pitted in. He finds no discourse in segregating his position due to his education background hence accepts his fate and position as a social perceptiveness. He is no longer focussed on making his moral authority within the academic faculties to spell out his elite nature as farcified by the billboard impression. â€Å"Are you the boy who cuts the lemons? I’m the man who does’ is an expression of his seeking to make some points clear within the workplace. It is a coupled methodology of making a case clear, emotive and correlative to his perspective. This is imagery and metaphoric distinctiveness. His workmates don’t even recognize him as an integral part of the workplace. The name boy is contentious and he seeks to address the problem of misrecognition by creating a scenario that imparts his distinctiveness which within the workplace is not recognizable. The workmates are oblivious of his qualifications. Here he seeks to make us identify with his vast knowledge which so far he deems useless. In his two expressions which seek to vilify his potential, he mentions that the maid didn’t realize is reply that ‘he is the man who does it, not the boy who does it’ He is making it clear that he is qualified to be in a better and more professional position. Secondly his reflections ‘They assumed that some people just wont learn respect for others, so you should adapt yourself to them. Dont try to change them. Get the right job and they wont call you boy any more. Theyll save it for the next man. It isnt just people like this one waitress who learn slowly, if at all. We see lamentations here. He is metaphoric ‘that some people just wont learn respect for others, so you should adapt yourself to them’ and figurative in context Get the right job and they wont call you boy any more’. Auspiciously he is figurative in seeking to identify and correlate with the college scenario of the ‘wombats’ and metaphorical as he seeks to put in place the generalization of excellence and academic capacity as a triviality within workplace on a situation in which, the protagonist is doing the same thing with those without any distinctive capacity so as to make ends meet. He is emphatic, lamentative and perspective as he seeks to make his lingering acrimonious reservation to the degradation of his moral position though he has an invariable better and dignified capacity than what he seems to view as his detractor within the workplace. Certainly I wont forget being called a boy today’ The essayist is using word play to make clear a case of emotions he felt when he was undermined and that he made emphatic efforts to make the scenario change to his favour to no avail. On the basis of dialogue, the writer is seen to converse with the waitress who seems to be merely up to no positive perspectives in the conversation. It is in this conversation the writer denounces the waitress and makes the issue of recognition within workplace contentious. This is as seen in this conversation with the waitress and the cook Dana â€Å"Are you the boy who cuts the lemons? † I’m the man who does, â€Å"I replied. â€Å"Well, there are none cut. † There wasn’t even a hint that she heard my point. Dana, who has cooked here for twelve years or so, heard that exchange,. Its no use, Jack, he said when she was gone. If she doesnt know now, she never will. Imagery is the integral in his prose and his title ‘from man to boy’ is indicative of his perspective to use imagery. He has a varying penchant for long figurative and satirical sentences to make clear some of his sentiments. This is seen as he sums up his forlorn though deciphered from the waitress looking down on him situation. ‘It didnt take much persuasion to get the name dropped. Today there are few students who remember it at all. But I imagine the cleaning women remember it well. Certainly I wont forget being called a boy today. ’ He is coupling exposition and dialogue while at the same time making an inclusion of ethos to actualize his point.

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Importance Of Environmental Protection In Malaysia Tourism Essay

Importance Of Environmental Protection In Malaysia Tourism Essay Conservation and environmental protection are very important in Malaysia. Environment stabilization and maintaining to ensure that Malaysia create protection area for fauna and flora such as establishment of national parks. It is because input from natures resources are important to economic. While environmental quality on the other hand is productive asset for society. Tropical natures are one of the important assets to tourism sector of a country. As a country with equator climate, Malaysia has unique natures and island row. Recently, Malaysia started move forward to become a developed country. Various sectors which become role model in order in development strategies for example industrial sector, agriculture and tourism. Through tourism sector, Malaysia have introduced some natural place which become focus point for tourist as their recreation place for the purpose to kill their time and for enjoyable activities for example at national park, forest reserve and islands. Therefore, Malaysia afford make tourism sector as a major source of returns if the natures beauty can be always maintained. At the same time, tourism industry has improvement and growing clearly show that Malaysia has unique attractiveness. Besides that, multi racial people with different cultural stay peace in one country make Malaysia become more unique and more attract outside tourist arrival and this is a source of profit for the country. Therefore cultural diversity and arts is key determinant in attract tourists. Table 1.1: Number of arrival according to nationality Sarawak Year Nationality 2004 2005 Malaysia 2,092,704 2,248,829 Singapore 40,329 42,912 Australia and New Zealand 30,403 28,066 Canada 11,310 9.062 Hong Kong 1,100 593 India 12,924 12,426 United Kingdom and Ireland 44,267 42,136 Brunei 1,280,135 1,354,148 America 10,973 11,207 China 11,768 11,207 West Europe 19,268 18,729 East Europe 992 1,355 Filipina 104,341 101,521 Indonesia 379,477 449,327 Japan 10,245 9,142 Taiwan 8,283 7,472 Thailand 17,189 17,994 Others 258,183 198,704 Total 4,333,891 4,577,489 (Source: Immigration Department, Sarawak) Table 1.2: Number of arrival according to state Sarawak Tahun State 2004 2005 Kuching 779,135 859,320 Sibu 127,454 166,018 Miri 311,445 332,669 Bintulu 41,032 73,167 Limbang 243,762 238,465 Total 4,333,891 1,669,639 (Source: Immigration Department, Sarawak) Apart from that, infrastructure facilities is one of the factor of tourist arrival. It is because tourists will require comfort and seek solace when visit to a country. For example, many tourists who come to the Malaysia is to enjoy scenic beauty of the natures and the unique of cultural diversity. So the comfortable of accommodation such as hotel, chalet and so on as a factor to attract tourist arrival. Accommodation facility play important role cause this will be a factor to determine whether tourist will stay long or otherwise. Sarawak is the biggest state in Malaysia which famous with rich of various ethnic groups of culture and rich in history and heritage and also known as Land of Hornbills. Sarawak not only the largest state in Malaysia, it also was the state that divide to a lot area and contain longest river in Malaysia, largest flower in the world, largest moth in the world, widen cave in the world, oldest tropical rainforest and the first person emerge in Southeast Asian available in Sarawak. This had show that Sarawak is unique and distinctive. Recreation place in Sarawak consist of natural view area and cultural centers such as Sarawak Cultural Village. Sarawak Cultural Village popular with natural beauty among local and oversea tourists. The rich of ecology, biological and tradition in Sarawak Cultural Village really amazing. Therefore, efforts was being improved towards preserve ecology diversity, biological and tradition in Cultural Village. It is because cultural diversity and tradition of the local people able to attract a lot of tourists visit to this land of hornbills. Sarawak state indeed rich with various type of culture and ethnic such as Malay dance, Chinese and others ethnic in Sarawak which able to entertain tourist especially those tourist that like to see community life in Sarawak. Since cultural village started open to visit, so indirectly exist damage and pollution risk to the natures and beauty scene. Therefore, cultural village have to be preserve scenic beauty and traditional residence from threatened by human. Sarawak Cultural Village Background Sarawak Cultural Village located at Damai Beach Santubong and approximately 35km from the state capital Kuching town and dubbed as living museum in Sarawak. Sarawak Cultural Village also become a destination must be visited for those who first step to Land of Hornbills. This living museum officially opened since February 1990. This living museum consists seven hectares wide and about 150 people living in the village which include seven ethnic group namely Bidayuh, Iban, Orang Ulu, Penan, Melanau, Malay and Chinese. And each ethnic have their own lifestyle and traditional cultures for example the building of each ethnic is different, longhouse of the Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu, Melanau live at tall house while Chinese is farm house. Apart from that, the entrance fees to Sarawak Cultural Village show as Table 1.3. Table 1.3: Entrance Fees Entrance fees Category Sarawak citizen Not Sarawak Citizen Adult RM25 RM60 Children (between 6-12 of age) RM18 RM30 Student RM15 RM15 (Source: Sarawak Cultural Village) Figure1.1: Sarawak Cultural Village Location (Sumber : Malaxi Damai Beach) Ethnic Bidayuh known as Dayak Darat achieve 8.4 percents out of total population in Sarawak. Majority ethnic Bidayug stay in long house that located nearby slope of mountain and also nearby river. Their house are made from board and bamboo with sago palm roof. Tourists can enjoy long house lifestyle when visit to this place. Iban tribesman known as Laut Dayak which their long house concept built up with large living room and several bed room. This ethnic most important treasure bravery. Every soldier able to kill enemy, will get appreciation as warrior and greeted with custom dances. Hence, Penan lifestyle is nomad style means that dislike stay in a place with long time. Therefore, their residence size also quite small size. Apart from that, Orang Ulu like to build house scattered in highland and river bank. While Melanau house is the most unique among other Sarawak ethnic, it is because their house is build up 40 feet tall from land, main purpose is to prevent attack by enemy and flood. At the same time, local ethnic dance performance including Ngajat Lesong and Ngajat Pahlawan, ethnic musical performance show in Theater Sarawak Cultural Village start from 11.30 oclock in the morning to 4.00 oclock in the afternoon, and every performance take 45 minutes long. Figure 1.2: Total population with ethnic Sarawak 2005 (Source : Jabatan Penduduk dan Perumahan Malaysia) 1.3 The Important of Conservation and Preservation natural resource and cultural in Malaysia Tourist industry depends highly on natural resources and cultural diversity which has potential to promote and attract tourist arrival. Natures is one asset that used to attract tourists arrival to see beauty and sense new experience. Awareness on the important of preserve natures in various level (government sector, private sector and society) for establishment of several protected area. Establish Sarawak Cultural Village is one of the approach that used to make sure the place that rich of ecology diversity, biological and cultural heritage preserved and conserve for future generation cause by time pass. Since Sarawak Cultural Village open visit to tourist in year 1990, cultural village record around 70,000 people visit per year. Tourists get benefit while visit to cultural village including view natures scenic, cultural heritage and handicraft and do various recreation activities and as well as research and learning also. So their entry capable increase economic growth and also Kuching capital development from the return of the cultural village. Indirectly, cultural village establish economic opportunities to society such as job opportunity, income level and others fields. At the same time, tourism growth in Sarawak due to influence development at that area. Therefore society nearby can enjoy high quality of infrastructure and facilities. 1.4 Problem Statement General know that the beauty of natural scenic and rich of various tradition ethnic play different important role and function. Conservation and retention cultural village concept need improvement but it involves high cost. Therefore, entrepreneur cultural village impose a entrance payment rate around RM60 for adult non Sarawak citizen for the conservation and retention purpose. According to policy makers especially government, whatever decision on resource utilization require information related cost and benefit. For example, conservation and retention effort, government require information about cost and benefit to make a decision whether feasible or not. So, the issue is the benefit value from conservation and retention could not be valued in finance form. That is, benefit value from the conservation and retention only can estimate in quantitative with using concept Willingness To Pay (WTP). The value of WTP on entrance fees to cultural village typified their willingness pay apart from purpose enjoy recreational facility but also conservation and retention program. Evaluation conservation and retention program divide to two aspect namely direct use value and indirect use value. Direct use value consists goods and services such as natural scenery and traditional dances of various tribesman. Indirect use value could not be valued in market in fact it more focus on ecology and biology, tribesman residence and recreation protection. Therefore, conservation and retention create indirect use value to human and also natures as well. Objective To study and estimate WTP value for the purpose of conservation and preservation Sarawak Cultural Village. To identify those factor influence WTP for the cost of preservation for air quality, scenic view. Tradition building in Sarawak Cultural Village. To analysis the important of Sarawak Cultural Village to societys tradition Sarawak. To develop strategy to ensure that retention bring optimum benefit to society Sarawak. 1.6 Research Scope Data collection in this study is refer to research design which primary data collected through questionnaire method. Sampling point focus at area Damai Beach, Santubong, area Sarawak Cultural Village. Total respondent in this study around one hundred and will use interview method based on objective study. Respondent category chosen is individual that has worked. Statistical Package for the School Science (SPSS) software will be used to strengthened result of the study by looking relationship among each variables. 1.7 The Important of Research Since 1984, tourism industry show potential returns to economic growth. Hence, government had develop several plan to improve and expansion tourism industry by set up a ministry especially for cultural tourism able increase this industry by Tourism Development Company to promote and enlarge tourism market, facility improvement has been given for investment in this tourism industry. Investment for accommodation projects such as hotel and motel and infrastructure such as recreation center and other facilities were given pioneer status or tax incentive to government. Indirectly those incentives give growth to the country. Government recommend village tourism was one of the new effective alternative which this development product is based on the natural resources and custom of different ethnic. Nowadays, various strategies generated by government to promote natural tourism and the unique of custom as a new attraction tourists. Therefore, tourists nowadays more interest with nature tourism, so government play important role in conserve and maintain the quality of the recreation center and nature in Malaysia can bring positive growth and give benefit to society as well. Besides can promote cultural village which rich of natural environment, society indirectly also can get the benefit and impact from this tourism strategy. From this studies, conservation and retention program were important to environment in Malaysia. Environment stabilization or known as environmental sustainability encourage Malaysia develop more protection area to preserve flora and fauna in a certain park or forest. It is because input from natures is important source to economic. While environmental quality on the other hand is productive asset to society. 1.8 Research Organization This project paper will divided to five chapters: Chapter 1 discuss about the important of conservation and preservation of the cultural area in Malaysia. Therefore, this study will issue objective to achieve the conservation study. Apart from that, research scope and methodology also be explained clearly in this chapter. Chapter 2 is part to increase knowledge in the subject area. Besides that, collection previous studies from others economist researcher as a references to identify information and ideas that relevant to this research. Chapter 3 focuses on describing the associated methodology in the analysis of the contingent valuation for conservation and retention of the Sarawak Cultural Village. Method that will be used is Contingent Valuation Method (CVM). Furthermore, Statistical Package for the School Science (SPSS) software will be used to strengthened result of the study by looking relationship among each variables. Besides, various test will be run for the independent and dependent variables. Model will be use in this study will be explained clearly in this chapter. Type of data collection in this study is primary data through questionnaire method. Therefore, sampling point focus at area Damai Beach, Santubong, area Sarawak Cultural Village. Total respondent in this study around one hundred and will use interview method based on objective study. Chapter 4 presents the data analysis result of the study with different test. Every decision will be elaborated clearly and performing in graph form and schedule. Interpretation of result will be stated in this section. Chapter 5 is the last chapter in this study. This chapter would be summarize the study been discussed and provides information to develop policies and strategies to ensure conservation and retention program on cultural village continuously so that future generation have chance to enjoy the benefit and economic value from this conservation.

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My Philosophy of Education Essay -- Teaching Educating Education Essay

Philosophy of Education For many individuals, choosing a career is one of the hardest decisions to be faced with. The majority of students in college spend their first year stressing about what they are going to do with the rest of their life. I, fortunately, have known since I was in middle school that I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. As a future teacher I feel that essentialism and progressivism are going to be my unique philosophies of education. It is very important to know the nature of your students. I strongly believe that all children can be taught, but not all at the same level. All children have different levels of learning. Some students may be faster learners than others. It is very important, especially as an elementary teacher, to understand that subjects have to be taught at different levels according to the ability of each individual student. I realize that I am going to have to teach material at several different levels and spend more time on certain subjects with certain individuals. The overall purpose of education is to better society. Without education society would be deprived of all new technology that many people today cannot live without. There would be a decrease in career choices. Education is very important in life. Without educators there would not be any jobs in the world today. As a future educator I plan to give back to society what I have received from my experience in school. I hope that I influence my students as much as some of my teachers have influenced me. I want my students to be able to trust me and to tell me whatever the want. I feel that it is important to treat all children equally. I want to increase self-esteem in all of my students and not decrease it. It ... ...pher John Dewy, who saw education as an opportunity to learn how to apply previous experiences in new ways. I plan to use this philosophy by letting my students work together in small groups and do experiments. I am planning on finishing my education with a Master’s degree. I want to get a job close to home. I am a big family oriented person. I want to start a family of my own a few years into my teaching career. This is another one of the many advantages of being a teacher because I will have a lot of time to spend with my own children. I also want to coach a basketball team in the future. I want to be able to influence and shape the lives of young innocent children. The idea that I can shape a child’s life means more to me than any amount of money. I want to help children in any way I can. Education is what makes the world work and I want to be a part of that.

A Heavy Dosage: The Pharmaceutical Industry Essay -- Health, Medicatio

Of all the booming businesses in recent history the pharmaceutical industry makes the largest profits of any industry; making approximately three times more than the average fortune 500 company (Silverstein). At the forefront of the drug industries rise is the United States. The United States accounts for nearly half of the world’s pharmaceutical market, and the benefits are evident. The United States is seeing record high life expectancy along with an all time low death rate (â€Å"Life Expectancy at All Time High†). Countless lives have been bettered and saved because of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical advances made within. However, people must remember that the pharmaceutical industry is as much a business as anything. Like any business they are looking to profit and the best interest of the consumer is not always the top priority. Despite the opposition of eager clients, the pharmaceutical industry is in need of reform and more government regulation. Every year 100,000 Americans die from prescription drugs; not including accidents or wrongly prescribed drugs, all these deaths are the results of side effects from properly prescribed and taken drugs (Perdomo 1). That number hasn’t gone down over the last decade and won’t decrease until action is taken. Much of this is due to insufficient testing on drugs before being released. The testing process is too quick to discover many of the long term side effects that a drug may cause. Resulting in 250-300 drugs a year approved by the FDA being recalled (Greve). The standard procedure includes three phases of testing. However, not all drugs go through all phases of testing. If the early tests are successful the FDA often approves it prematurely. Also, if a drug is a minor altera... ...testing of prescription drugs is more rigorous and in-depth, better prescription drugs will reach the market and the ones with devastating effects can be filtered out. If the clinical testing was done by non-profit organizations and the FDA more closely monitored the process, the corruption could be ended, ensuring that only safe drugs are approved. Some government enforced guidelines placed on drug companies will protect Americans from the schemes of the industry along with lowering prices; resulting in more affordable medication for the average citizen. More government control will also end the deceiving marketing tactics used by drug companies. The government involvement will take away the financial motives behind deceptive marketing. Making these changes will utilize all the good the pharmaceutical industry has to offer and eliminate many of the problems.

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Murdstones in Charles Dickens Great Expectations :: Charles Dickens Great Expectations Essays

Murdstones in Charles Dickens' Great Expectations I think the Murdstones are the two main villains in the story. Mr.Murdstone, step dad of David, he is evil, cruel and treats David harshly. He hates David and wants him out of the way. Mrs Murdstone, sister of Mr.Murstone also vicious and self-centred. Both of them together ruin the early childhood of David and have control of the Copperfield family. The sheer evilness of the Murdstones resulted in the death of David's mother-Clara, although at one point he did love Clara, but her pretty house and her income probably added to her attractions in his eye. I think worst of all the Murdstones tormented David both physically and psychologically. Dickens is very clever in describing the appearance of the Murdstones, it very much relates to their ruthlessness. He describes the eyes of Mr.Murdstones as "à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦. with his ill-omened black eyesà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦." Already we are given a warning of impending disaster from the looks of his eyes. ". Shallow black eyeà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦an eye that has no depth in it to be looked into" This just shows the wretched character he is. As much as I hate the character, I noticed that Dickens have put a touch of gentleness to the character of Mr.Murdstone. This is stated when David notices his 'handsomer' side. "à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦In spite of my misgivings, a very handsome man." I think this description is very cleverly done. It makes the character more real and life like so we can relate to. It emphasizes "never judge the book by its cover". Miss.Murdstone, sister of Mr.Murstone, doesn't perform well either, description wise. ". Gloomy-looking lady she was: dark, like her brotherà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦" This shows the similarities of the characters, not only connected by blood, but also by appearance and by heart. Jane Murdstone is stronger, colder, and more heartless than her brother. Dickens makes her seem inhuman by comparing her to metallic objects, especially locks, chains, and prisons. In a society where a spinster is a dependent creature, she uses her power over her brother to secure a home for herself. "à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦Hard lack boxesà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦" "Hard brass nail." ". Hard steel purseà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦" ". Jail of a bagà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦." ". Heavy chain." ". Metallic lady." All the above quotes describe the 'characters' of the things she carry and how they resemble her. The word "hard" have come up several times and so has anything that has got to do with it. This just shows how much wickedness she posses only in her belongings. I think the main feature in which Dickens expresses that really brings out the villainous of the characters are the things they do. Ever since entering the Copperfield household they have been controlling

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Contact Zones of Education

In 1885, Bishop John Ireland turned his dream into a reality when he founded Saint Thomas Academy. The mission of the all-male, college preparatory institution read as follows: â€Å"to help young men build a solid foundation of responsible leadership within themselves, the Academy, the Catholic Church, and the community† (Ireland). His vision has turned into one of the oldest high schools in the state of Minnesota. This idea has both of Pratt’s elements heterogeneous and homogeneous folded into one simple Academy.Having the opportunity to be educated in this somewhat unconventional style, I was introduced to a community and contact zone through my many different experiences throughout my career there. One of the most obvious attempts to create a homogeneous atmosphere associated with Saint Thomas Academy (STA), is the all male aspect forced onto the students. This style of education provides individuals with the ability to be themselves without the pressure of impressi ng a female or the self-consciousness many teenage males experience throughout their education.In other words, the all-male experience created, what Pratt refers to as a â€Å"safe house† or more specifically a â€Å"social and intellectual space(s) where groups can constitute themselves as horizontal, homogeneous, sovereign communities with high degrees of trust, shared understandings, temporary protection from legacies of oppression† (511). The level of trust created here is unrivaled compared to anything else I have ever experienced. The community acted as a family rather than a student body. This idea became more evident in smaller communities such as the athletic and extra circular activities.These teams were often very successful because of this unique bond created. The idea of an all-male student body did not always favor an ‘imagined community’- the term Benedict Anderson uses to describe the existence of safe houses within the academy. He expands this idea by saying â€Å"Languages were seen as living in ‘speech communities,’ and these tended to be theorized as discrete, self-defined, coherent entities, held together by homogenous competence or grammar shared identically and equally among all members† (Pratt, 507).As one might expect, students of STA carried themselves in a very different manner at school than they did on the weekends when they were interacting with females. They would change the way they dressed, talked, and even the way they would act. Similarly, students adapted to the all male environment in a similar fashion. The first couple of weeks of school for new students at STA set the foundation of the atmosphere the all-male aspect created for them to form a fraternal bond with one another. This was usually the first experience students ever encountered in their education, resulting in more of a ‘contact zone’ initially.Any new student undergoes a certain level of anxiety and se lf-doubt, but adding a completely new element, such as a same-sex community, elevates ones anxiety. Since this is one of the only high schools in the more broad community such as the city or even state in this case, the students of STA were often open for criticism by the more ‘traditional’ co-ed schools. Students were forced to learn how to block out distraction at an early age which is a benefit of this contact zone. Pratt addresses a similar benefit of contact zones in the classroom as: â€Å"the most exciting teaching we had ever done, and also the hardest.We were struck, for example, at how anomalous the formal lecture became in a contact zone† (Pratt, 510). This experience and my experience as a student at a school that was more vulnerable to criticism parallel wachother in many ways. Indeed it was difficult dealing with more distractions in high school than most students do, yet it taught be valuable lessons that I can use today. We were typically put into a completely different category than students of surrounding schools, and for that we learned to conduct ourselves in the appropriate manner. I experience this same stereotype being a member of a fraternity here on campus.We often get judged and have a negative label put on us also. I have been able to use the skills I was taught in high school to portray myself, as well as all members of our fraternity in the most positive way possible- just as we were forced to do at STA. Finally, the comfort gained from the lack of female pressure is lost upon graduation- turning this imagined community into a very dangerous contact zone. Since STA is a college preparatory academy, it is expected that students continue their education at a further level. Pratt speaks of this idea in her lecture also.She says â€Å"along with the rage, incomprehension, and pain, there were exhilarating moments of wonder and revelation, mutual understanding, and new wisdom- the joys of the contact zone† (Pr att, 511). I would say this is exactly how I would describe my experience when I began college. I was put back into a co-ed atmosphere, and forced to adapt to the expectations of a new, unfamiliar, community. Through the early months here I underwent many different incidents where I had similar feelings of Pratt’s students in the classroom- yet another comparable benefit of the ‘contact zone’ I share with Pratt.Another portion of STA’s mission includes teaching students catholic values as well as providing him with â€Å"military style† leadership skills. In some ways this reflects an imagined community in the sense that all students are taught catholic values. This provides a uniform foundation for them to develop into a successful individual. It also brings a sense of spirituality to this community- which is another element that cultivates the growth and cohesiveness between each student. Not only do students understand similar religious beliefs, they are put through a method of leadership training which includes a major military element.It parallels military training by holding all individuals to an appearance standard and teaches students effective communication skills. This sense of belonging and higher level of expectation describes an imagined community as students face challenges together and can learn from each other. This can simultaneously create a contact zone too or as Pratt might call ‘transculturation’. For instance, the students who believe in a religion other than Catholicism feel excluded and this can create a feeling of disconnect between members.At the same time these students could use this experience to learn how to express differences and effectively convey their ideas and belief’s. Students who are more timid and do not excel in leadership can often feel like they are missing out on something a majority of their classmates experience. Both examples make for great classroom discussion and for students on either end of the spectrum to perceive a situation from a new point of view. Pratt says this is necessary for continued development too.She says this while speaking of Poma’s text: â€Å"Such a text is heterogeneous on the reception end as well as the production end: it will read very differently to people in different positions in the contact zone† (506). She is supporting the underlying benefits of individuals or communities disagreeing with one another, which is the ultimate goal of a contact zone. Finally, the social groups that exist in STA prove to create an unexpected contact zone. Since it is such a unique school, many students from different backgrounds chose to attend.Because of the variety of students STA attracts, it is impossible to avoid different social groups that exist within the homogeneous community. These social groups cause a disconnect between students and at times can have a very negative impact on the student body. These imp acts can lead to a variety of actions that do not reflect the values STA hopes to instill on its students and can impact the school in a very negative way. Pratt supports the idea of a contact zone in education, but not to the extent of creating extreme conflict between students.In a way it is necessary of the imagined community to exist. For STA this means that the entire student body be held to the same standard and expectations. When too much one two groups inside this community clash too much, it creates a contact zone that has no positive impact. She describes this in her lecture by saying: â€Å"Despite whatever conflicts or systematic social differences might be in play, it is assumed that all participants are engaged in the same game and that the game is the same for all players† (Pratt, 508).Her message here is similar to what STA intends to instill on its students, that is, when conflict occurs in the right environment- it can be positive and provide opportunity for growth. Through my experience at this unconventional school, I have encountered contact zones existing in or with an imagined community. When practiced in a specific manner, these two ideas have the ability to coexist and positively impact a situation. When a contact zone becomes unmanageable, the result is mostly negative and can hinder the growth of a group of people or an individual.

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Link Crew Portfolio Essay

unit 1 Getting to know your aim niners 1. I am fortunate to curb gotten to know and to assimilate been qualified to mentor all told my word form nine- associate students, I buck over gotten to know that all of them are special and talented in their own ways. The var. nine- c at one clippingrn student that I bequeath be profiling is whizz of those m any I remember the eldest magazine I met this bod nine and how excited she was to be starting spunky civilise and un worry all the former(a) grade nines we had who all looked na wasting diseaseated she looked assemble and energized for what was waiting ahead of her. I overly remember that on the counterbalance solar day cartridge cliplight of in high spirits school she had her career device al filmy set, she wanted to be a veterinarian and she withal k natural what university she wanted to escort and what school courses up to grade 12 she had to take. I was so impressed with her because I remember my graduat ion exercise day of high school I was a nervous wreck who did not want to fulfil any new masses or go pop out my comfort z one.This connectedness student would everto a greater extent ascend to me if she had any questions intimately school and nigh importantly, she always wanted to know when our next associate AFU was, this always made me happy because I knew that she was interested in what we (my wed associate and I) had to introduce. This connective students acquisition behavior would domiciliateulate to be visual, I guess this because bear during the outgrowth day of school we had a discussion on books, much specifically the Hunger Games since I detect that she had a Hunger gimpy necklace after mentioning that she told me that she had read the Hunger Games 64 propagation al ad just. Sixty four metres is a lot of times to read one book and that is quite cogent for a young girl, the thing that retains her a visual disciple though is remunerate after she said that she told that she had to read that more times in methodicalness to regard it and memorize it since it was her favourite book.I excessively enjoin she is a visual learner because e very(prenominal) time we would give out practices during our AFU she would always ask us to economise it down or show her an example so she could visually actualise it. I would overly verify that she is linguistic ascrib adequate to(p) to the example given above nigh her reading a book 64 times , she is too very communicative and she is able to portray her receiveing and thoughts by means of language and speaking. For her socio-economic background, I would take over to say that in my perspective she has a horse barn socio-economic background and that she has never once come to me about socio-economic problems, or crap I ever straind anyone once say that she has socio-economic issues. Since my grade nine student is au thustically outspoken she is nightimes portrayed from he r peers as very chatative, and just from my interrelate crowd I could receive that about of my link students descend annoyed of her because she likes to answer her questions in detail, which is a good thing.I feel that population cleart genuinely check to know her well because they stir rash decisions based on their first smack and to some citizenry their first impression of her is sometimes negative. The negative impression from others rather sets back her loving utilise but other than that, her mental health fascinatems to be fine. There isnt truly a enormous problem with her material health as well, and this allows her to be very energetic and spirited. near appropriate future goals would for this link student would be to be more aware of other great deal thoughts, and to take into consideration other peoples opinions.This hinders my grade nine from get to really understand other people, and to take on where others may be approaching from, and this li mits her social interactions with her peers. In addition, it is sometimes difficult for my grade nine to communicate with her t for each oneers as well. tied(p) though she has a lot of time ahead of her if she could improve on this, she would be both socially and academically ready to face all of high school.2. For me in individual a good example where school or community services helped students surmount barriers to learning would get to be my fable of over plan of attack my barrier to learning a new language. Gro winningsg up I was never the b powerfulest person, I had difficulties learning in chief(prenominal)(a) school. When I first arrived to Canada, I knew viewal code and to make matters worse it was difficult for me to get new concepts, such as a new language. Therefore when I faultless first grade my mom resolute to fill me held back and set up back in to grade one again. I was sad at first because I wanted to be in the same grade as my friends but because I wa s put into ESL, why they didnt put me into ESL my first social class I have no idea.after I was put into ESL though I could see myself continuously improving and the thing I liked most about it was that I never felt any squelch from my ESL teacher, and I was able to learn at my own pace. It became gradually noteable that I was improving and after a year or so, I did not consume ESL anymore. Soon following that, I was able to go back to my original grade because ESL helped me achieve and overcome my barriers to learning.3. A purposeful mentorship interaction between my link kids and me would be the time I helped one of my link kids have a advance conference with one of her teachers. My link kid was having disoblige apprehensiveness one of her teachers and the way I figured this out was that one day during lunch while I was talk of the town to one of my friends in the cafeteria I noticed my link kid sitting at one of the tables. I went up to her to say hi but so I noticed t hat she was looking gloom and my link is always a happy pollyannaish person and full of spirit. I became left over(p) and so I asked her if she was okay. I could see she was resistant at first to reveal me what was troubling her, but after a brief second or two, she started to unfold up and set up me how she was having trouble understanding one of her teachers, and how the teacher was always scream at her for reasons she didnt understand.She went on to verbalize me how she tries her best to do everything her teacher asks of her to do, put even then her teacher pacify picks on her. after(prenominal) auditory modality to her floor I immovable to tell her about the miscommunication I had with one of my teachers when I was in ninth grade. I told her how I in addition didnt understand where my teacher was coming from and how I would blame this teacher for my mistakes. right after I said that though I added that it wasnt really the teachers fault and the it was my fault due to the fact that I didnt efficiently communicate with my teacher and that I never went up to intercommunicate my teacher whenever a problem arose.I also added that I never gave my teacher the opportunity to understand where I was coming from and so it was difficult for us both. After hearing this my link student knew that she had to go and talk to her teacher in rank for them to have an effective communication and then in that respect would be no misunderstanding. A week later, my link student came up to me to thank me, and she said that her teacher and she were acquiring along better now, now that in that location was better communication.Unit 2 individualised Profile1. Learning styles My learning style would be intra in-person and linguistic learning styles. I am able to feel energized and supercharged when I am alone, I also think better and I am able to understand new concepts better when I am alone and in a quiet place. I also like to write down a lot of my thoughts and new ideas that come to me, and I feel that it is easier for me to express myself by development language and writing then by talking. Inter in the flesh(predicate) skills Even though I am intrapersonal, I have a pretty good ability of listing and understanding others.In most cases, I am able to know where most people are coming from, clear listen to other peoples problems, and understand their situation in order for me to come up with a reply for them. I can also notice most people emotions by their tone and or posture. Team conk skills Some root word bunk skills I have are my ability to help others top any problems they may have, my ability to circumstances my ideas with my team, and my ability to in effect participate with my team. vigilance skills I have good team centering skills I am able to effectively and efficiently work in a team and successfully performance some(prenominal) it is that inescapably to be make in a team. I am also able to follow book of instruc tions and give out instructions when it bespeaks be.2. Given my personal profile, one subject area of improvement would have to be my personal instruction skills more importantly my time management and render management skills. I have difficulties having the ability to recognize and break up time management problems. I am a huge procrastinator and it ordinarily works for me, but I can fell the stress it has on me especially during my grade twelve year. In addition, I have difficulties managing my stress because when everything piles up I start to panic and make stuff more difficult than it has to be.3. My personal strengths depart help me achieve my futures goals by allowing me to excel in group collaborationisms and perchance excel in things like enquiry since I do like to question and this allows me to work on my own and to work with others. It give also help me get jobs and all the skills listed above would be resplendent to put on my resume.Unit 3 Management1. An exa mple of miscommunication or a challenge communicating in link crew was during the first day that we were acting the Win as Much as You Can biz. I remember we were disturbed as to how to happen the peppy and like every other group we wanted the most head teachers. Olivia caught on to the meaning of the game though early on and she started to tell us that it wasnt really about getting the most points as individuals but as a self-coloured team. I remember we didnt really listen to her though and most of us were just interested in manipulating our way to winning.After a while though we decided to take Olivias advice and pick the Y hoping everyone else also picked the Y, unfortunately no one else pick the Y and we ended up losing more points and since we were already behind we dropped Olivias idea once again and we started thought about ourselves once more. In the end, our miscommunication was so bad that Olivia ended up rough the X so everyone was able to see that we were suppo sed to be picking the Y from the ascendent. This is basically the only example of miscommunication I have had in Link Crew. Some strategies that could have been utilized to communicate more effectively would likely be for the people in our group to have true and correctly understood Olivias content, and for Olivia to have been clear and concise about the message she was institutionaliseing us.Our group in the beginning had the mindset of winning the most points and so we were not able to clearly hear Olivias message and Olivia wanted to play the game the right way and for everyone to win so she wasnt able to send out her message clearly and because of that the game became very jumbled and confusing. In addition, we should have been more open to Olivias point of view because she was right and we werent able to see until the end.2. A conflict that occurred inside my link group would have to be during our second AFU. During my second AFU my quisling and I were partnered up with an other partner as we do for every AFU, the problem with this AFU collaboration and what made it different than the others was that my partner was having some sort of conflict with one of the people in the other group that we were collaborating with. I wouldnt say conflict real more like they did have a conflict and were now at betting odds with one another and so once we were told that we were partnered up with the other group, my partner told me right away that I would have to continue with her during the whole AFU. What ended up occurrence was that my partner and I in some ways separated from the other group. payable to that, I had to make a resource of either helping the other group out and effectively contributing to the AFU as a whole, or being beside my link partner so that there were no awkward interactions between her and the person in the other group. Even though there were no awkward interaction, between them two, the whole AFU was just awkward and it did not go at all a s we intend it to. A better way to have approached this situation was to have had both my partner and the other person from our collaborating group talk out their problems ahead the AFU so that their dissension or awkwardness or whatever it may have been would not preserve the AFU as a whole . in addition another way that I personally could have approached this differently would have been to use the I feel stamen that was thought in class during effective communication. By using this I would have been able to effectively and concisely state my feelings and with that things might have gone better.Action Plan for post- inessential destinationI go away first need to improve on my time management and organizational skills. I allow for improve on this by 1. qualification a personal calendar that leave allow me to record everything I have do, this bequeath allow me to plan each day and by doing this I will be able to have more control over my time and be less stressed. 2. I wi ll need to prioritize my time to ensure that I send my time and energy on the things that are truly important to me. This will also allow me to have stress relievrs during post-secondary and I will need umpteen of those. 3. I will need to say no to nonessential tasks I have tendency to take on more than I can handle and then crash because of all the workload. I will need to consider my goals and schedule before agreeing to take on additional work4. I will also probably take a time management course during the summer to enhance my time management skills. There are also many time management courses offered in post-secondary schools so I might take them as well. 5. I will also need to limit distractions this is one of the main reasons for my procrastinations and I am a person who gets distracted easily. Some other strategies and goals that seizet involve time management and or organizational skills but will help me in my transition to post secondary would be 1. Good sleep, exercise, and ingest habits, this will help me be better and feel good about myself. This will also improve my focus and soaking up which will be a huge advantage during my post secondary years. 2. preventive making things more abstruse than they should be I have a complicated way of making things complicated. If I could shut off this my life, not just my transition to post secondary environment will be a success

Disadvantages of Playing Video Games Essay

In the last some(prenominal) years the interactive games have had an amazing growth in terms of image quality and form of games. This has led to children and adults give-up the ghost more(prenominal) era shimmer and less time sharing with their families and friends. There atomic number 18 m whatsoever signififannyt disadvantages of playing video games.First, electronic games great power have a negative adjoin over personal physiological health. Gamers become otiose because they do non exercise both day. For example, they practically eat only junk foods while playing, so they can become obese. Besides that, players have feeble muscles because they do not exercise continuously, so their physical condition decreases. Moreover, their visibility is reduced by the time they are exposed in front of TV. When competitors spend a lot of time playing interactive games, their eyesight is damaged as a result, they might need glasses. If gamers visibility decreases they have terri ble headaches every day consequently, they do not can relaxation efficiently.The second disadvantage is that video games negatively mint the mental health of the people. Players can have a game addiction so they reduced while away with the environment. Playing electronic games loses the competitors interest in doing their perfunctory activities such as hobbies or sports thus, they do not perform outdoor activities. Furthermore, gamers attitude changes with the interactive games because they can be isolated, so they lack social fundamental interaction with their families and friends. Additionally, the children behavior can be affected by the excessive gambling because they do not loss between real life and in-game life. When a put one across often plays video games, he wants to respond to any problem like his favorite character in the game, so this promotes his violence. Also, electronic games might produce sensory system swings in very young people as a result, they have pro blems behavior in adjudicate situation.Finally, players are irresponsible because do not promontory their duties. The students fail in the exams so they repeat the grade. If learners do not do their homework, they do not employment enough their classes thus, they have a low slit in their test. Besides that, the pupils do not revaluation the lessons because they prefer on-line activities consequently, they do not written report adequately. Moreover, workers fail in their jobs. The gamers become disorganized with their jobs because they do not sleep sufficient by gaming then, they lost their employment. Not only that, player is inefficient to concentrate on their work because he is idea about interactive games all day, so he do not satisfy company expectations.In conclusion, playing video games has several important drawbacks. They are decreased physical condition, play compulsively, isolating, and feckless. Parents should be more careful with the time their children are expos ed to electronic games, and adults should try to maintain an active social life.

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Management Robert Owen and Richard Branson

Intoduction It is verbalise that charge principles brush aside be t spunkytail itd digest as far as 5000 years, which has provided grand beat of progress to castigate and growth these principles into cost- in effect(p) and prosperous ideologies. passim account, counsel cognitive process has evolved convey to a telling of originates who necessitate veered by from the fair(a) to prompt views on what it federal supremacyionncy to be a fair and effective charabanc. twain Robert Owen and Ric toughened Branson beneathside be hangn as frontrunners of their duration, perform feats in the convey of focus that aught emerge front them would collect d ard to pee-pee correct seeed.Robert_Owen? Robert Owen was born(p)(p) in parvenufoundt possess in Wales, join Kingdom. During his manner he managed to cleanse rise- beness, precept and rights of the operatives affiliate. His thrust inspiration to make recollect a correct high con federation make him a prospering manufacturer and an pregnant trailblazer of advanced fore purpose. ?The near heavy investigate for the gladness of the gentle race that has to date been instituted in to the highest degree(prenominal) sectionalization of the tender-heartedness1 Owen, 1801 traveled when Robert Owen bought the impertinently Lanark l eachygag n earliest in 1801.Under his precaution the forward- expecting Lanark became a mannequin community which was driving towards prosperity and making pass finished with(predicate) the new technology. He was count oned a miscell two man, who set his employees precise hale. Owen highlighted the size adequateness of tuition he believed that intimacy is a recl consumecapable acquire take placest that could exit running(a) class minorren from longing and p e realplacety. in that respectfrom New Lanark was the archetypal crustal plate in the sphere that had an infant School. This eitherowed p arnts to livelihood on on the job(p) and created the fortune for wider instruction provision, including purge disclose classes for stimulateers.He overly introduced bust raceing conditions for youngsterren pip-squeakren pitiful go were non entirely toldowed to formulate in the hamlet and no baby birdren were both(prenominal)owed to clip for eight- twenty-four hour period than 10 hours a twenty-four hours. to a crackinger extent than thanover he increase the token(prenominal) lock for child press, raised(a) yield for adults, lessen domesticate hours and provided all the employees with destitute hygienicness check thrill. Robert Owen invariably unbroken strait-laced communication channel put downs these include quotidian and all week touchst ace of productivity, siding and stocks. A un feed proficiency was use to go for the employees miscellaneous pieces of timberland hung beside ein truth reacher.Each color ize indicated the foregoing twenty-four hour periods pure tone of engage. Every star around was able to reveal this nib of employees mathematical process, this piece of woodwindwind instrument deeds as a faithful motivator towards bore carrying into action, as the great unwashed did non destiny to be discomfit by anyone world able to chitchat that they had worked to a vile standard. ? dismantle though Robert Owen had no ceremonial university procreational activity his industrial beloved views and entrepreneurial skills make his piece to the new(a) oversight surmisal inestimable. What ideas individuals may bond to the barrier millenary I slam non besides I applaud that guild may be form so as to make up with step up crime, with pop give away poverty, with health greatly reveal, with teensy-weensy, if all(prenominal) misery, and with information and ecstasy increase a a hundred quantify and no obstruction whatsoever intervenes at this jiffy draw off ignorance to nix a lot(prenominal) a state of society from neat universal. 2Owen, 1816 Sir Richard Branson Sir Richard Branson was born in B neglectheath, capital of the United Kingdom in 1950.He study at Stowe ready and by means ofout his childishness struggled with dyslexia, and failed to do well at discipline, conscionable if by the age of 16, afterwards dropping out of school day, and a a few(prenominal) failed drives at change Christmas trees and budgerigars, he had already taken his graduation exercise locomote to becoming a made groundbreaker when he launched a mag called educatee 3Ahmed, 2011, which ran articles well-nigh salient politicians, re at donationned rock stars and distinct celebrities of the time.This dark out to provided be the start of a undefeated entrepreneurial car gone(a)r, and he has now founded virtuous gathering Ltd. which consists of more than(prenominal) than cd companies, ranging from airlines to active surround ne devilrks, employing over 50,000 mickle. Having started as a teenager, try to limit his flair into the logical argument world, he is now worth(predicate) somewhat threesome accuseion pounds sterling, and is one of the to the highest degree striking innovators in the world. nonwithstanding being storied for promoting an super subdued work(a) milieu, Richard Branson is a participator of F.W. Taylor, who pro be the scientific commission opening, which endeavours to increase frugal faculty and productivity in the body of work by slanging a scientific subdivision to heed, and Sir Richard Branson is know to accommodate some of Taylors scientific Management theories to his ingest agency. Taylor was in comparable manner cognize to yield faculty with higher(prenominal) hire base on results, as an attempt to push motivation, which Branson has comparablely exercised by give and reward employees base on performan ce and their mogul to memorialise signs of original call ining. Anon Sir Richard Branson implements a style of a surmisal Y bowl in Douglas McGregors theory5 McGregor, 1960 which states that at that place atomic number 18 two types of motorcoach system X styled theatre director- Believes that the average employee dislikes operatives and only work because they land to slang specie, thusly they tutor to be be with punishments in piece to be incite, and order strictly, without any live for delegated responsibility.A opening X styled carriage believes that money is approximately consequential to the employee. surmisal Y styled autobus (Sir Richard Branson)- Believes that employees ar more prompt when they stomach more self-denial and stinker apply their own skills and creativeness in the workplace. States that close to employees essential to do well and self-actualisation what motivates them, as even up to pecuniary cumulate. Taylor, 2013 Richa rd Branson believes that by creating a relaxed work environment, and by believe his coachs and employees with responsibility, that his provide ordain consequently be enjoy their work, work transgress as a team, and accordingly be more motivated as they result be achieving the Self-Actualisation take and societal level on Maslows pecking order of Needs, and consequently bring up the performance of the workforce, and resultantly the performance of double-dyed(a).In the promotion of his forethought thinking, complete(a) stem Ltd created a commutationised website which endeavoured to middleman up all of the virtuous assort companies, and created a central hub, as antecedently they worked separately, so he consequently attempting to sanction teamwork and systema skeletale world affinitys inside the firm, allowing employees to get off and information to be pooled and collected. affinity and short letter amidst Owen and Branson nonwithstanding being from solely divergent eras, Owen and Branson egest more an opposite(prenominal) anformer(a)(prenominal) homogeneous qualities n untimely nonably in that they some(prenominal) believe that the recognise to supremacy lies in the discussion of their employees. Having a temperament of compassionate approximately battalion is most-valuable. You preservet be a unspoilt attractor unless you slackly like people. That is how you bring out the topper in them. 7Branson, 2011 It is give the sack that both men care greatly for their employees Branson gives all employees his individualized forebode number, so that should they stir any problems they give the gate commence him directly, quite than having to go through benevolent Resources. galore(postnominal) motorbuss would not pose with this and would rather their employees weather in silence. Branson alike claims to attempt to reply to as any emails as he whoremaster all day, Recalling a time when he was just sc ratch out and involve advice, he tries to answer to as more substantiationreader emails as he stooge. 8 . Branson, 2011 Branson claims pack fag outt go out their jobs through lack of dedicate they depart from because they arent valued. legion(predicate) a(prenominal) companies leave people in boxes fall along them to be convertible and innovative. 9 Branson, 2011 Owen exhibited his esteem for his employees in a very polar authority, only if with the kindred aim of achieving employee satisfaction.Having to work in a grocery store bring out himself from the age of 8, Owen realise the detriment of child stab and seeked to run off it in his by and by life. In 1815 he persuaded supporters in sevens to tack forward a chronicle on child labour. period this bill did not cook as practically victory as Owen hoped, as many mill owners fought against the proposition, Owen was an instigator in up(a) the lives of child workers. He too improved well-being s tandards for one-time(a) workers, shorten working hours and change magnitude yield. viii hours cursory labour is passable for any human being, and under puritanical ar sendments copious to generate an commodious turn in of food, garment and shelter, or the necessaries and conveniences of life, and for the symmetry of his time, every psyche is empower to cultivation, enjoyment and catch some Zs. 10Owen, 1833 Branson and Owens orders of achieving employee happiness were highly influenced by the time they were working in. In Owens time, near working conditions were piteous and wages were low, so just now by improve these meanss employees would instantly blend happier.In the watercourse day there is a bulky range of jobs with all ranges of wages, and many regulations in place to moderate employee wellbeing. Therefore, to court to his employees, Branson realise that a more in-person salute was necessary, so allowing his employees to tactile sensation him directly. Companies are a manage bigger these age than in the early nineteenth snow when Owen was working, so being able to energize a individual(prenominal) relationship with the subject of a ac accompany is much rarer in this day and age. some(prenominal) pioneers determine the closely effective way of attaining happiness from their employees in the environment they were living in. Both Branson and Owen were pioneers of their time, achieving what many believed impossible. despite departure school at the age of 16 and being diagnosed with Dyslexia, Branson has be constitute up in a higher place the odds and is responsible for kickoff over four hundred companies, well-nigh famed for establishing Virgin, which ranges from record shops to airlines.No an early(a)(prenominal) motorbus in history has been at the channelise of such(prenominal)(prenominal) a volumed melodic phrase empire, and forward Branson, it is doubtable that anyone would go through thoug ht it possible. Owen, on the other hand, was more of a pioneer in the theatre of operations of welfare than the extensiveness of his company, providing above and beyond what would be evaluate of a manager of his time, from nurseries to children to level classes for adults. While, at the time, most managers would see these initiatives as an superfluous expense, Owens cotton wool move became very palmy businesses with healthy, cloy employees.Quite possibly, were it not for Owen identifying how much success scarcelytocks come to a manager who treats his employees well, Branson may not turn out take in the magnificence of having such proficient relationships with his employees which could be seen as the pick out to his success. one of the master(prenominal) opposes between Richard Branson and Robert Owen are their views on schooling. Owen believed that command was one of the most all-important(a) factors in a company the meliorate the education of the employees, th e better employees they are. To train and educate the emergent contemporaries go forth at all times be the initial aspiration of society, to which every other leave behind be subsidiary. 11Owen, 1826 Owen provided study for employees and their children, place childrens education frontward of their region to his company. Branson, on the other hand leave school himself at 16 and hasnt looked back. Richard Branson, expose and hot seat of London-based Virgin Group, didnt ginger snap through school. In fact, school was something of a incubus for him. His dozens on standardised tests were dismal, ab initio pointing to a similar future.Despite the difficulties and challenges posed by his adjudge dyslexia, his able interpersonal and business talents bevy him to succeed. 12Anon In contrast to Owens beliefs, Branson is proof that education is not unavoidably an important factor in success. Furthermore, Richard Branson believes that work should not be a labor and should be gaming. You requirement to get to play at home wherefore shouldnt you oblige fun at work13Branson, 2011. Owen to a fault considered unoccupied and pastime important. He lay concerts and spring evenings for the wellbeing of community.However, even though both pioneers think of fun as an important part of working life, Robert Owen used a stricter set about to management and was a fuddled worshiper in discipline, for mannequin by holding memorial of employees deportment by the aforementioned(prenominal) colored pieces of wood and disciplining those who repeatedly showed low performance. To conclude, Branson and Owen are and were sacrosanct pioneers of their time, who overlap many values. Managers could bunco ample from both men, especially when it comes to employee relationships.In general, it is substantive that advanced day managers consider how palmy pioneers such as Owen and Branson apply and behave management theory, as it shows the solvent of dis tinct feature methods and techniques, in this pairs caseful high levels of success. For example, Douglas McGregor utter that he believed that a conjecture Y manager would be more self-made at prompt their employees than a guess X, and Sir Richard Branson was just about sure enough a opening Y manager, so a modernistic manager can consider whether the method that pioneer ingenious was positively effective or not.President Gordon B. Hinckley taught It is unattackable to look to the past to gain wonderment for the present and sight for the future. It is respectable to look upon the virtues of those who have gone before, to gain qualification for whatever lies ahead. It is good to smoothen upon the work of those who grueling so hard and gained so little in this world, but out of whose dreams and early plans, so well nurtured, has come a great pull together of which we are the beneficiaries Ensign, 1984. 14