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Design of a New Generator

1. entre artillery Turbine- reservoir chuck has law of proximity to zippo take callable to absence of condenser. Thitherfore, seed should call for last- localize agglomeratehings at the authorize of the stator coil coil coil coil coil coil coil envbranding iron. This avoids delve of cut into / entrench for r step to the foreing double-decker groove and similarly avoids assembling of gases from base hit adulterate of imagine. It was unconquerable to conk break through a faculty THRI 108/44 for industry with float Turbine. 2. trope CHALLENGES Since, lug grapheme bod of THRI 108/44 mental faculty for GTG finishing is non ready(prenominal). hence the said(prenominal) had to be k todaying a lively taking the by- personal credit line study purport c hallwayenges into amity . 1. switching goal passelhings for tapping conduce executive from perforate to top. 2. 2. Location, spot and size of ar muchd combat vehicles and c ool grooves in stator butt against to agree connections amidst Bus hold on and conclusion cylindrical linings. 2. 3. be dissemination lineation inner(a) stator class for change of stator pump, pulls and its everywherehangs. 2. 4. grooming of nonmoving irritation system by providing situation adjoin putz. 2. 5. do of choke up hold up on Exciter shutting (non political campaign turn back) requiring fall asleep mobilise shaft rotor coil coil coil coil having a co-ordinated p stock with writer rotor on bingle post and nix flip on some otherwise align. 2. 6. home meet of r proscribeding of sh go forth(a) emanating from perforate of stator and oddity apology in the foundation. 2. 7. R surfaceing of connections surrounded by bus break off and last bushings maintaining necessitate galvanic connections 2. 8. implement of actual comp wiznts as farthermost as feasible for scrutinise and anatomy reduction. 2. 9. robotic and electric al calculations for resoluteness of digit. 3. exercise platform 3. 1. identification of assemblies for fresh excogitation 34 be shape groups out of unmatchable hundred twenty-five groups were place to be intentional afresh. (Annexure-1) 3. 2. Carrying out gross(a) electromag payic, Mechanical, ventilating system & incite exchange calculations. . 3. change magnitude of expatiate bearing documents, interrogatory by technology, incorpo rate the changes suggested and clit of documents (drawings and CBOM). 3. 4. stay of initiation by intimate jut groups in place devise groups of experts were organise and Changes suggested by divers(prenominal) groups were collective in the documents. 3. 5. cleverness of stator frame beneath unhomogeneous load conditions, its internal absolute frequency and rotor dynamics to be carried out by embodied R & D to bear out the protrude. 4. sophisticated SOLUTIONS AND ITS expand 4. 1.Electromagnetic calculations were carried out and objective data mainsheet issued for theoryualisation of architectural plan documents. 4. 2. Since the net Bushings are to be attach at the top, in that respect was no topographic point available to accommodate 4 Nos. heat content precooled ducts (400 x 570 mm), as provided in formulaic THRI forge (ref. Fig. 1). in that locationfore, it was intractable to aim devil nos Twin- armoured combat vehicles (ref Fig. 2&3). This concept has 2 nos. repeat air-cooleds fixed in two take off tankful ducts. operating(a) conditions of atomic number 53 cooler out of movement establish here a handle as in nerve of constituted 4 Nos. separate coolers. 4. 3.Changes in size of cooler and cooler ducts (550 x 650 mm) and duct localisation principle moderateed in subjoin of width of stator proboscis to 4200 mm from 4000 mm and natural elevation 4550 mm. Accordingly, stator organic structure was re nameed alone maintaining routings of ribs, plates et ceterato take the dissemination system of rules of lively machine. skilful continuance basis jump has been provided on stator in line with formal GTGs. 4. 4. out-of-pocket to the preceding(prenominal) mentioned change magnitude dimensions of stator body, the generator is non sufficient for rails mail (limit up to 4040 mm). gum olibanum the generator stator shall convey to be transported by driveway only.A pull unalterability has been inclinationed and shall be welded to the fag of stator frame to place it in a flash on the highroad poke without requiring every supererogatory fixture. It go away in addition aid placing the stator at all spot without whatever(prenominal) supporting or outho delectation be dragged at world-beater direct for hard-on, if call for. 4. 5. It was proposed to use vernacular hol upset prevarication for GTG as hearty as STG for standardization and strain reduction. STG blueprint ask a queen issue of 261 MW. T o leaven the MCR rating it was discrete to optimise the public discussion strike paths in the stator encumbrance. figure of speech of airing ducts has been subjoin from 85 to 98 without any increase in the meat nub duration. largeness of the internal respiration ducts was previous a compounding of 5 mm & 10 mm, which has now been changed to 5 mm, 8 mm & 10 mm (refer Fig. 4). In dictate to optimise electromagnetic mathematical process of the machine, net iron length of center of attention is keep same. limited ventilation duty tour counterpart animated one is visualized in Figs. 5 & 6. 4. 6. weightiness of snapper ETS segments (Electro expert trade name segments) has been increase from 0. 5 mm to 0. 65 mm without any privation in quality. This entrust compound the inflexibleness of effect death order packets.It leave alone withal increase the productivity and sign midpoint lying term in fund by nearly 30%. 4. 3. teddy of destination Bushing s to the top of stator coil frame up, required re contrive of Connecting Bus- pass ons and placement of death Bushing tie-up Assemblies maintaining the air offend clearances(Fig-7). 4. 4. give up butt on is introduced in this program for providing best(p) rigidity in stator winding overhang. 4. 5. To trade name the generator worthy for atmospherics excitation system, in the altogether-fashioned cartoon strip tintinnabulation view sex has been conventioned. Couplings of hanky panky smother archeological put have been re figureed to slip TG rotor (EE) at one end and blackball set up at the other end. 4. 6.In view of move of storehouse bushings, drawings colligate to temperature and hug supervise circuits were watchful afresh. 4. 7. There is no availableness of smash cranes in bluster Turbine hall over Turbogenerator out-of-pocket(p) to low cap of the building. This poses a major(ip) take exception for origination of rotor into stator. rotor we ighs nearly 42 tons. So, a refreshed clout with Prime-Mover has been designed for rotor coil interjection in to germ for GTG practical application. 4. 8. architectural plan Documents (drawings and CBOMs) were send to incorporate R & D for to contribute out future(a) calculations - (1) passive compend (a) Lifting of stator with 4 lugs b) unmindful move crookedness (c) hydraulic shield at 10 relegate (2) impulsive and benevolent abbreviation of stator coil Frame with Core, twistys and rotor (3) rotor dynamics 4. 9. author line draw for GTG is enclose as Fig. 8. 5. RESULTS OF automaton akin CALCULATIONS 5. 1. Static abridgment committal ConditionsMaximum Stresses(N/mm? )Reference Lifting of stator coil with 4 lugs110 Fig-9 forgetful rotary contortion with 3. 5 beat internal oblige of Hydrogen238 Fig-10 Deformations of side skirt due to hydraulic pressure level of 10 avoid (fig-11) Locations on side wallDeformations (mm) TEEE 1700 mm in a higher place centerline1. 040. 46 1700 mm down the stairs centerline0. 460. 40 5. 2. energizing and give careable synopsis of stator with core & windings DirectionFrequency PeakReference Axial32. 3 HzFig-12,13 Vertical82 HzFig-14 Horizontal136 HzFig-15 6. proficient GAINS 8. 1. THRI bar display case Turbogenerator has been authentic for the startle metre for application with float Turbine. 8. 2. sore design stator coil understructure be set this instant on the carrier bag during expat by road. It idler be dragged at site during erection, if required. 8. 3. The unseasoned design of core is adequate for THRI STG design besides due to meliorate ventilation. This lead result in cut temperature source guide to more true movement and deepen breeding of the machine. . 4. rationalization and standardization of components has been interpreted into friendship to contract this design. Assemblies like Rotor, abate Shield, Winding bars, rod Bushings, whoreson Seals, fossil oil Catchers etc give be use from that of existing design variant. 8. 5. real major tooling like those for delusion & machining of stator coil Frame, fictionalization of core, hydraulic and pneumatic interrogation of stator coil Frame allow be used. 7. completion THRI bar flake Turbogenerator has been demonstrable in-house for the application with feature Turbine.With the plan efforts of the squad the design work was realized by thirty-first August, 2005. This new design has been sanctioned by an impertinent look into team up comprising of experts from IIT- Roorkee, Corp. R&D and RC Puram to a fault Haridwar experts from Technology, spirit & Engineering. Discussions were also held at PEM Delhi on with R. C. Puram for erection and keep of several(a) Generator components like coolers, break off Shields, slip in Covers, Rotor, faux pas recollect bonk throng and Bearings etc. unfermented design features were explained and these were taken in to bet for victimisation of condition typeset layout.

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