Monday, July 29, 2019

Business Case for Virtual Reality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business Case for Virtual Reality - Essay Example Recently, the Charity Organization has launched its new and most forward project – installation of a structure dedicating to the contemporary art over the top of a hill. While the location is brilliant, the architecture requires to be taken special care of in terms of setting and looks. The prime objective of this proposal is to assist with project being undertaken by the Charity Organization. We suggest the client to make use of the Virtual Reality (VR) in the construction and development of the whole project. Virtual Reality is a technology that gives the user an impression of the real world and facets, while exploring the computer based environment. The VR is effective in the sense that its expert programming also allows for interaction and the scope for movement, even when the person is unable to move in truth. The research was initiated in the field of VR during the 1930s, when the scientists were aiming at developing a training program for the pilots. However, it was the year 1965 that saw its first breakthrough in the field of virtual reality, where the scientist Ivan Sutherland, published in his paper The Ultimate Display about how three dimensional objects could be conjoined to give an impression of a virtual reality to a human eye. (Thinkquest) Since then, there has been no looking back. The uses of virtual reality have amassed several sectors of human life such as media, television, medical training, reconstruction (mainly used in historical and archaeological researches and fin dings), education and so on. Construction has not been left behind in the task and it has now become extremely easy to formulate the whole structure of the building and also know what its downfalls or advantages are with the help of the virtual environments or VR. (Beier) There are several of our clients, who have benefited from the concept of VR and have effectively used

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