Monday, August 12, 2019

Argumentative Paper Term Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Argumentative - Term Paper Example This paper is an attempt to understand the vexed issue of gun control and the governmental interventions in this regard as they pertain to the ownership of guns. The paper starts off by framing the issue by explaining the deeply divisive nature of the issue and how it is corroding the political process with the acerbic stand taken by both sides. Then I examine the arguments for and against gun control and then I debate the issue further by stating my stand on the same. Finally, I conclude the paper with some remarks about the whole issue and an appeal for sanity and commonsense to prevail in these troubled times. The debate over Gun Control is primarily between those who cite the inalienable rights enshrined in the constitution with regards to individual liberty and the right of the individual to own whatever he or she desires if the transaction is in accordance with the law. This is the side of those who claim that they have a right to own guns and hence any attempts to snatch away these rights is tantamount to denying them the rights that are guaranteed by law. One the other side is those who call for elimination of guns and point to the increasing rates of crime and homicide as instances of ownerships of guns running amok. Since the issue is so divisive, it is pertinent to examine the literature surrounding it to establish the arguments put forward by each side. First, to start off, one needs to understand the issue and its centrality to American politics To quote from a book by a well known expert on the issue, â€Å"Few schisms in American life run as deep or as wide as the divide between gun rights and gun control advocates. Awash in sound and symbol, the gun regulation debate has largely been defined by forceful rhetoric rather than substantive action. Politicians shroud themselves in talk of individual rights or public safety while lobbyists on both sides make doom-and-gloom pronouncements on the consequences of

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