Friday, August 23, 2019

Compare the evil aspects of the three stories. (notes from Essay

Compare the evil aspects of the three stories. (notes from underground, paradise lost and frankenstein (movie)) - Essay Example In considering the three works, the aspect of evil decides the shift of the story. In the epic, Paradise Lost, the expelling of Satan from Heaven has made him fight against God and His army. Satan and his followers assemble and sworn against God and his creature-man in Earth. Even though God had warned Adam and Eve about the cunningness of Satan, Eve falls into the temptation of Serpent and this led Adam too commit disobedience to God. Satan’s attempts to win over man and thereby God have constituted the major aspect of the poem. Even though the protagonist in Paradise Lost is Man, the involvement of Satan in almost all parts of the poem has made many to consider Satan as the hero of the poem. True the over dominance of evil aspects in Paradise Lost is in fact very vivid throughout the poem. William G. Riggs says that, â€Å"We have seen that evil in Paradise Lost, as if at a loss to discover its true shape, mimics good, and in consequence the shape of evil is often deceptive ly attractive to unwary humanity† (Riggs 169). The movie, Frankenstein has been proclaimed for its science fiction aspects in it. The young scientist, Frankenstein’s attempts to recreate a human creature was about to success but Fritz, the devoted assistant of Frankenstein, by mistake, had put a criminal brain.

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