Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Production for Live Events and Television University of the Arts Dissertation

Production for Live Events and Television University of the Arts London - Dissertation Example The researcher affirm that sponsorship, as a marketing niche, increases the company’s visibility in television shows, thus, supports scaling up its products prominence in the marketplace or among consumers. It also affirms that indeed sponsorship is a strategic method of competitive leveraging in marketing a company’s product. While other empirical research affirm sponsorship’s contribution in resource generation for a specific television program and adds to the economic stability of a television company but this largely differ in countries and in the strategies adopted by both sponsoring companies and by the TV companies promoting a trade, brand or product. The survey affirmed, as showed in Q1 result, that majority of the respondents are aware of the sponsorship program within the British television industry and only an insignificant number are not. But notwithstanding this professed awareness, only 50% of these respondents pay attention to the commercials or pr oducts indorsed by the companies that are availing sponsorship as a strategy to leverage with other competitors in the market.

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