Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The American Political System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The American Political System - Essay Example The American political system is indeed on that is rightfully the envy of the other countries. The system of check and balance within our political system should be considered the greatest strength of our government. However, it is this very strength that also weakens our political structure in a certain way. Too much check and balance in the legislative arm of the government results only in never ending filibustering which in turn prevents the government from effectively governing the society that they are supposed to lead. Just look at the recent events between the White House and Congress and you will know that I am stating a well known fact. Check and balance, when done incorrectly by our government leaders instead ends up weakening our political and economic structure. If I were given a chance to change something about the American democratic system, it would have to be the electoral college. Although the college is good as a provider of check and balance within the two party system, it stifles the true will of the people by allowing their individual belief and voices to be heard because individual votes are not counted in favor of either two party system candidate. Therefore, an electoral college proclamation of a president cannot really be considered to be the real voice of the people thus, one cannot actually say that the president elect has the overwhelming support of the American

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