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Threats Posed to the European Union by Al-Qaeda Militia Operating from Research Proposal

Threats Posed to the European Union by Al-Qaeda Militia Operating from Northern Africa - Research Proposal Example Research Methods. b. Advanced Arabic and French. c. Six years of legal research skills as a lawyer. d. Islamology. e. History of the Middle and North Africa. 2.2 The Discipline to Which the Project Relates This reserch project relates to the discipline of history and political science; in fact, this discipline has a significant relation rediscovering the past and retelling history. There are numerous works that have been developed in the discipline of historical reflection. Furthermore, political sceince is self-understanding on issues regaridng interlationships between countries and activities by a group within a country that has effect on other countries. 3. RESEARCH PROJECT 3.1 Description of Research Topic This project focuses on exploring issues regarding terrorism operations; in fact, there are theories, which are developed by this study, which are focused on fostering understanding of terrorism studies. On the other hand, this study borrows ideas from other related fields and theoretical ideas in relation to terrorism activities or various groups such as Al-Qaeda militia. This study features a litrature which focuses on a given perspective is is applied on the basis of a theory focused on studying terrorism. This study will focus on studying drawing relevant ideas in the field of Jihadist terrorism, which will be based on religious background of Islam. Therefore through this ideas, the reseach will focus on achieveing the following objectives; a. Objectives i. Explore the problem caused by Al-Qaeda militia terrorism operations and challenges that are posed to European coutries. ii. Present a discussion concerning these problems based on the thories such as anarchism and ‘jihad.’ iii. The research will focus on identifying other possible reasons that can be associated to Al-Qaeda militia terrorism against European coutries. iv. Establish relevant counter terrorism operations and strategies to facilitate protection of citizens living in these European countries. In order to achieve the first objective, the reserch will focus on drawing relevant ideas from the two theories and perspectives that have been gathered in political science class. In this case, the first dimession will involve application of anarchism theory, which was advance by Karl Heinzen and Johann Most, who are the main proponents. The research will apply the Jihad perspective to explore issues regarding terrorism; in fact, this theory is atributed to Muslim extremists. The second objective will be achieved by beginning to focus on anarchism theory, based on the way it is presented through a broad range of issues that offer a definiton and differentiaton of various forms of the theory. For instance, the these forms of anarchism include individual anarchism, mutual anarchism and collective anarchism (Berkman 35). On the other hand, the research will explore the theory of Jihad, which concerns a term that is used on Islam to describe â€Å"the holy war or f ighting in the ways of Allah† (Rawshandil and Chadha 13). Therefore, this research will also seek to identify ways through which these terrorists have utilized the theory of anarchism and Jihad to cite reasons for their attacks. The research will focus on idenitfying other reasons cited by Al-Qaeda militia tojustify their operations in Northern Africa aimed at attaking European countries. For instance, there are notion that Christians are perceived to have a negative perception against Islamic

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