Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Consumer Profiling for Zara Home USA

The Situation CUSTOMER PROFILING In 2010, eMarketer reported that 71% of Americans use the internet. They estimated that figure would grow to 78% by 20141. The latest figures by Internet World Stats show that, in 2012, 78% of Americans are already using the Internet2. Internet use is growing at breakneck speeds, and internet shopping is a big part of that use increase. As an exclusively e-commerce outlet in the United States, Zara Home could view every American internet user as a potential customer.However, Zara Home products are targeted toward women in the age group of 18-34. 27% of the total American population online falls in that age bracket3, almost evenly distributed between men (51%) and women (49%)4. The target audience for Zara Home can therefore, be narrowed down to approximately 13-14% of the American population – women who actively use the internet. The Zara Home target is extremely active online. Usage5 statistics show that they have very high awareness of digita l media beyond simply browsing, including social media, mobile and video.This high engagement and activity is an advantage for the brand. Zara Home must now identify which smaller targets within this group will be most open to the brand’s specific, timely and relevant information. It is extremely important to find niche targets that will integrate the brand into their digital experience. Keeping this insight in mind, two niche targets are suggested: Social Moms and Generation â€Å"Connected† Women.These niche targets add up to roughly 62 million potential customers for Zara Home,6 though there is bound to be overlap between the two groups. 1 2 http://www. emarketer. com/Article. aspx? R=1007519 http://www. internetworldstats. com/stats14. htm 3 http://www. emarketer. com/Article. aspx? R=1007519 4 http://www. emarketer. com/Article. aspx? R=1008382 5 http://www. emarketer. com/Article. aspx? R=1008382 6 http://www. emarketer. com/Article. aspx? R=1008085 4

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