Monday, February 17, 2020

Bags Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Bags - Essay Example I decided to sharpen my skills with this game. Practice marketing is a modern, 3D multiplayer marketing strategy game (Practice Marketing). Practice marketing was designed to be a digital learning product for the backpack industry. This game enabled me to apply the theoretical part that I have learnt in class into a simulated world which is very similar to reality. The best part of the simulation game is that it allowed me to practice my marketing skills in a ‘real world’ but in a much funnier way which enhance learning apart from honing my marketing skills by cutting out boredom, classroom monotony and increasing creativity. Practice marketing uses the 4Ps of marketing that is product, price, placement and promotion (Practice Marketing). In the multiplayer game each student has to launch a new backpack product of their own original design to the market in the ‘real world’. First, I had to choose my target market. I chose the college students as my target market because in my years of college, I have seen how college students, especially girls spend almost all their money on fashion and boys always carry backpacks as they are handy for school and their manly stuff. College students were the best choice for my target market because first, the student body in my school alone is huge. Therefore, I designed a backpack that is both fashionable yet handy for other purposes. I had to design a backpack that was not feminine yet not masculine, so that both genders could purchase my backpack. Secondly, I chose to sell to college student because even though the price was about average- that is college friendly prices- the volume of sales would be huge thus significant profit levels. My strategy was unique in that most backpacks are meant for the male gender, but here I had designed a gender equal backpack and this is where I beat my competitors. Furthermore, my backpack design is not only meant for school as they can be used on other occasions too. This

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