Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Disadvantages of Playing Video Games Essay

In the last some(prenominal) years the interactive games have had an amazing growth in terms of image quality and form of games. This has led to children and adults give-up the ghost more(prenominal) era shimmer and less time sharing with their families and friends. There atomic number 18 m whatsoever signififannyt disadvantages of playing video games.First, electronic games great power have a negative adjoin over personal physiological health. Gamers become otiose because they do non exercise both day. For example, they practically eat only junk foods while playing, so they can become obese. Besides that, players have feeble muscles because they do not exercise continuously, so their physical condition decreases. Moreover, their visibility is reduced by the time they are exposed in front of TV. When competitors spend a lot of time playing interactive games, their eyesight is damaged as a result, they might need glasses. If gamers visibility decreases they have terri ble headaches every day consequently, they do not can relaxation efficiently.The second disadvantage is that video games negatively mint the mental health of the people. Players can have a game addiction so they reduced while away with the environment. Playing electronic games loses the competitors interest in doing their perfunctory activities such as hobbies or sports thus, they do not perform outdoor activities. Furthermore, gamers attitude changes with the interactive games because they can be isolated, so they lack social fundamental interaction with their families and friends. Additionally, the children behavior can be affected by the excessive gambling because they do not loss between real life and in-game life. When a put one across often plays video games, he wants to respond to any problem like his favorite character in the game, so this promotes his violence. Also, electronic games might produce sensory system swings in very young people as a result, they have pro blems behavior in adjudicate situation.Finally, players are irresponsible because do not promontory their duties. The students fail in the exams so they repeat the grade. If learners do not do their homework, they do not employment enough their classes thus, they have a low slit in their test. Besides that, the pupils do not revaluation the lessons because they prefer on-line activities consequently, they do not written report adequately. Moreover, workers fail in their jobs. The gamers become disorganized with their jobs because they do not sleep sufficient by gaming then, they lost their employment. Not only that, player is inefficient to concentrate on their work because he is idea about interactive games all day, so he do not satisfy company expectations.In conclusion, playing video games has several important drawbacks. They are decreased physical condition, play compulsively, isolating, and feckless. Parents should be more careful with the time their children are expos ed to electronic games, and adults should try to maintain an active social life.

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