Thursday, September 12, 2019

Case Study Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Research Paper - Case Study Example This was however, made beneficial by incorporating the conditions into the forecasts of exchange rates. The forecasts were readily available as they were within the contact of managers. The case was expanded by including annual exchange relationships, as well as potential political events that indicated relations with exchange rate behavior. Although the process may seem to distract students, the simplifications utilized were essential for the provision of a sufficiently detailed analysis. The process also included a keen focus on the beneficial techniques, as well as financial aspects included in the case. Some issues were however over looked although an individual who reviews the analysis would easily reincorporate them. Political contemplations principal to investments were also initiated in the process. This was to help meet the requirements of a vast customer. Capital budgeting is the main subject matter of this case in regards to a multinational organization. Rudimentary comprehension of basic techniques in capital budgeting is essential in evaluation of the case (Bierman, Harold & Smidt, p. 382). However, some issues require advanced knowledge to analyze and the present resolution of the case. Automotive Specialties, Incorporated (ASI) is a multinational holding company classified as a domestic division. It has been delegated the role of building a new plant in Mesa Verde, a small country in South America by its largest customer. Jamie Miles an Assistant treasurer at ASI did the analysis and forecasts of the customer’s proposal. Uncertainty of the investment was done in collaboration with Fujimora Transport though the investment value was not determined. The management of ASI needed to consider some of the customer’s motives prior to commitment of finances in the implementation of the project. This case indicates the fact that capital budgeting involving multinational organization is similar to the basic capital budgeting that students are

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