Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Faith healing case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Faith healing case - Essay Example He provided the boy’s parents with information regarding the treatment that is available, and then explained to them the procedures that would have to be undertaken. The parents discussed the matter between themselves for two hours, and then told the physician that they had reached the decision to take their son to a faith healing service instead of seeking medical intervention. The physician tried to convince them of the futility of this action but to no avail. The parents left with their son after the physician gave them a return appointment, but they did not honor it. II. Ethical Question to be Answered Were the parents morally justified to deny their son much needed medical treatment in favor of faith healing? III. Proposed Answers to Ethical Question It is not morally permissible for the 10 year old boy’s parents to deny him medical treatment for leukemia, with the sole reason that the treatment will eventually fail to work, and they would have to take their son to a faith healing service after all. As much as medical treatment for the treatment of cancer is not completely effective, it is still the best shot at recovery that a patient could obtain since it has worked in numerous cases. Faith in the ability of God to heal cannot be disputed, but it has failed to provide positive results in many cases. It is morally wrong to deny a minor incapable of making important decisions for himself, necessary treatment that may save his life. Another matter that needs to be considered is the possibility that the boy might have opted for medical treatment if he were of age. Cancer therapy, including that specialized for leukemia, has proved effective in many cases, and there is evidence in terms of scientific studies and physicians’ reports to prove it. On the other hand, the boy’s parents would be at a loss at providing credible evidence to prove that faith healing is effective at curing cancer. IV. Objections to Proposed Answers and Respo nses to the Objections Objection (1): Parents have the authority to opt out of medical treatment for their child who is a minor in favor of other legal options, if the medical treatment has

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