Thursday, September 26, 2019

The culture( Values & norms) and the artifacts culture of United Essay

The culture( Values & norms) and the artifacts culture of United Nation Environment Program (UNEP ) - Essay Example UNEP documented the "Cultural and Spiritual Values of Diversity" in 1999 in which the organization put forward that biodiversity must be recognized in terms of employee diversity since different people and cultures view and appreciate it exclusively because of their unique experiences and heritages. Every employee in UNEP must put in mind that, for the organization to conserve the natural gifts, he or she must learn more about it and how best to interact with the same environment. In addition, the faith of employees play a major role in promoting responsible behavior, encouraging individual discipline, maintaining high morals, that supersede the need for instant gratification with no self-interest and responsibility in order to achieve comprehensive and long-term benefits for the environment as well as for humanity. Ethical values, solidarity, justice, tolerance, equality, respect for human rights, and protecting the environment are the building blocks for UNEP. Some norms and values give guidance in the daily operations of UNEP. Communication activities must respect the charter of the organization and its core values of professionalism, integrity, and diversified respect. All stakeholder needs such as regionalization must be fully integrated into the whole process of communications delivery and planning, which ought to be service-oriented. In one spirit, UNEP members should support all the strategies and policies laid down and offer cross-divisional support and collaboration towards achieving a conducive environment. Most importantly, UNEP aims at attaining the highest quality of editorial levels, accessibility and relevance for all its members, thus all member states should corporate through having ethical values regarding the surroundings. It is against the policies of UNEP for any staff member or nation to be unresponsive, lack knowledge and information, or fail

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