Friday, September 27, 2019

The United States Stand on Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

The United States Stand on Terrorism - Essay Example In the 1960s to ’70s, domestic terrorism became rampant involving hijacking of planes not sparing flights from the United States to Cuba. Terrorism continued globally and reached the United States. Terroristic activities were reported in some parts of the country however treated domestically. In 2001, Al Qaeda attacked the United States territory for the first time not only destroying the famous world trade center but had caused overwhelming effects on the people. With this provocation and problems of terrorism, the United States launched an all-out war against terrorism and they should rule the world against terrorism having the following reasons; the United States is the strongest country, it has a good relationship with other countries, and it has done so much to help other countries. The United States is the strongest country. Although the country is affected by the global crisis, the United States remains to be the world’s largest national economy with a GDP of nea rly 14.7 million ( Wikipedia,1). Having a strong economy had widened their influence to other countries. Along with this line, if the United States wants to solicit cooperation from other countries to fight terrorism, more countries would positively participate to support such action. Terrorism cannot be effectively managed by one country alone. Thus, the collaboration of many countries is needed. Having a strong economy also means having a strong military. The United States has been observed to have such a strong military because of efficient and enough training provided them. If the military has a stronghold, they can be able to defend the country for possible violent attacks as they are prepared. Combating terrorism entails preparedness plan to be effective (DO, 1). The United States has a good relationship with other countries be it in the Pacific, the Americas, East Asia, the Caribbean or in Europe.

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