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Family Law issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Family Law issues - Essay Example It is important to get into matrimonial alliance with a life time strategy. Trial and error methods cannot work because there are certain issues that simply do not work on trial and error strategy. Selflessness and sacrifices do not go hand in hand with trial and error strategies. Rather they work exclusively in relationships where the partners are quite clear that marriage is a do-or-die affair, where one swim or sink together. In simple terms, you are either in the circle or out of it. One either learns to command and lead from the front or tail away at the rear in meek, abject surrender to the leader's beck and call. The first few steps and promises at the altar at the time of marriage are only symbolic. They only expound the binding factor that what God has put together, nobody puts asunder! Once this sanctity is broken or tampered with, it breaks a natural order at a very high cost to the couple and other innocent lives leaving them to bear the disastrous consequences for no fault of theirs. Teresa's matrimonial history is the regular mix of trial and error and these are best handled at the initial stage. It is commonly acknowledged that nobody is perfect, and by and large, few will readily admit their faults and shortcomings at the start of a relationship. The proverbial stitch in time saves nine applies to long term relationships like marriage. Teresa accepted George's lies about his aristocratic ancestry without discretion. She married him in the hope that there was a windfall headed her way through him. She was also fortunate enough to live through almost a decade of blissful married life when she gave birth to two sons, William and Liam. Nonetheless, now Teresa is going through testing times due to George's changed behavior and perceived lack of interest in their family affairs. The problem is compounded due to his alcoholism, abusive behavior which is degenerating to violence. The last straw in her tolerance level is breached when he discloses his intention to change his name and sex. In all probability, George has developed with homosexual symptoms and is in a gay relationship. (Gender recognition) 2. The Options Left with no reasonable option, Teresa is considering divorce and annulment of her marriage to George. She is also considering protection from George's abusive behavior and possibility of physical attacks in future. Prima facie, Teresa has good case for divorce. However, in the absence of solid proof she is not in a position to initiate legal action. She has to make sure that she has all the facts in place so that if and when she does file for divorce, the proceedings are in her favor. She also wants to know if George could be made to leave the house. Obviously, she is keen on holding on to their house for herself and her children. Legal procedures are complicated and require expert legal advisors to handle the case. The application of legal terms and procedures differ from case to case. For instance, once the case is filed

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