Friday, October 4, 2019

Venue Management for Events. The Emirates Stadium Essay

Venue Management for Events. The Emirates Stadium - Essay Example This tier can carry a total of 2, 222 spectators in total. The box prices start at ?65,000 per year inclusive of V.A.T. and caters for all the home league games and any other played at the Emirates stadium. The Emirates Stadium (Picture courtesy of The Diamond Club is the next tier and represents the most exclusive area in the stadium. This is a place that hosts only invited guests and the ticket prices are ?25,000 in advance plus an additional ?25,000 a year. The high demand for tickets in London coupled with the fact that the people living in London are relatively wealthy implies that the ticket sales from the premium seating and the corporate boxes are very high (Chung, & Hwang, 2010). The picture measures 105 by 68 meters with a total grass area of 113 by 76 meters running from north to south. The players’ tunnel and the dugouts are placed on the western side of the pitch just below the main television camera. The away fans are placed in the south- eastern cor ner of the lower tier. The configuration of the away fans can however be expanded from the current 1,500 seats to about 4,500 depending on the demand. This extension has been provided for by the lower and the upper tiers. This stadium has enough space for the travelling fans as required by the Football Association (FA). An aerial view of the Emirates Stadium (Picture courtesy of The upper tier has been contoured in order to leave some open space in the ground corners and the roof is equally inward canted. These features are meant to facilitate the flow of air and sunlight to the pitch. These are very vital elements because both players and fans need a good supply of both light and fresh air. The... The paper tells that Emirates Stadium also inbuilt conference holes that accommodates various events like music shows, wedding ceremonies and big meetings. The stadium also well structured roofs that provide shade and shelter to the fans with the centre part left open to allow penetration of sunlight into the pitch. The environment surrounding the stadium is well ventilated as depicted by the contoured walls to provide goods circulation of air. The regions surrounding the stadium are highly secured with security inspection starting at the railway stations before journeying towards the pitch. Entrance of fans is high controlled as the technology system at the gates only allows individuals with smartcards to get access of the stadium during matches. The interior of the Emirates Stadium is highly beautified with green coloured grasses on the pitch and conspicuous red colours dominating the stadium. In addition, the stadium is installed with high tech cameras and big television screens t hat offer exemplary view for distant fans within the stadium. The stadium also has inbuilt catering section and food shop that provide easy meal to fans at very affordable prices. Accessing the stadium is somehow very easy as can be evidenced by good network of roads and railway lines just passing near the stadium. In order to ensure further security, parking is never allowed around or near the stadium and vehicles is usually parked at residential streets that are meters away from the stadium thereby compelling fans to walk for few minutes to the stadium.

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