Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Lesson Plan on the Example of the Elementary School Math Lesson Essay

Lesson Plan on the Example of the Elementary School Math Lesson - Essay Example This is critical because the learning process is a dynamic and involving task which may make one lose focus albeit in a small proportion. It is also important to note and mention that a lesson plan offers a valuable guide to the class to progress and proceed with the learning in any case the tutor or teacher may be absent. This is to say that the lesson plan provides an automatic guide and easy mode of progress even if he or she is a substitute teacher. In principle, the desired result or the total outcome stands to be realized even if the teacher is not physically present to deliver. It is also important to stress the fact that a lesson plan helps the teacher to gauge the positives in the form of a learning outcome with the aim of correcting the negatives (Tomlinson, 2014). This is to say that if by any chance there was something that was well understood by the learners or students, the lesson plan provides a framework for correcting such a situation. Conventionally, lesson plans are unique and different for each and every level of learners. It mentions that the lesson plan for an elementary school cannot be the same lesson plan that would be used for a middle school or a high school learning process. Thus, for the purpose of this essay and exposition, the paper will focus on the notion of an elementary school plan. Specifically, the Elementary School Math lesson: Bundles of Beans: A place value lesson. In principle, this is to say that this exposition will discuss the fundamental principles and tenets of the elementary school learning lesson plan. To begin with, mathematics is an interesting subject that requires a lot of attention from both the teachers and the students before any meaningful and gainful learning would occur. This is the reason as to why it would be critical and imperative to gauge with utmost precision and accuracy the aspect and notion of student√É‚  readiness.

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