Thursday, October 31, 2019

Article Critique Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Critique - Article Example To be specific, the study concentrates on the girls’ accounts of their enculturation into secrecy. These accounts have pertinent value as they disclose how the girls treated secrets as social objects and often depersonalized secrets when using them as social currency. Merten also points out that â€Å"using secrets to shape friendship and enhance social position was part of the larger process whereby secrecy became a vehicle for developing subjective reason and an exchange perspective among these girls.† (Merten, 1999). The study, therefore, specifically concentrates on relating secrecy with enculturation and the findings have immense value in a deeper understanding of the concept of secrecy. The research is undertaken to develop competencies in evaluating qualitative research; develop analytical skills, the approach is investigative, and the result of the study is that the findings are not logical and satisfactory. The research has been conducted in a suburban community near Chicago at junior high school and interviews with 83 female students and 77 male students provided the data for the study. The purpose of the interviews was to find out the various aspects in the lives of the participant students and the importance of events and relationships in their lives. The observational field notes along with the findings of the interview were used to make the investigation in the study. The relevance of the interviews which were open-ended and informal in style was great in making the ultimate conclusion of the research. The accounts of the girls concerning their experience with secrets in their lives were not the result of a natural dialogue. The accounts by the girls, thoug h were mainly influenced by the peers, could give a complete idea about the various aspects relating to secrecy. Throughout the analysis carried out in the research, the methodology had a pertinent role in the findings of the study. The strategy

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