Saturday, November 2, 2019

Journal entry #7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Journal entry #7 - Essay Example experience as a previous ESL student, the responses were gathered and evaluated addressing the specific research question, to wit: â€Å"On their own, outside of the structure of ESL classes, to what degree do International students use technology to practice English language and communication skills?† (KasapoÄŸlu-Akyol, 2010, p. 231). The findings revealed that all students relayed manifesting problems in at least one language skill from the identified speaking, writing, reading or listening skills. Further, all those interviewed confirmed that they used diverse technological tools such as software programs through the Internet, their laptops, digital cameras to record lip movements, and electronic dictionaries, among others. Finally, when asked how technology assisted them in improving language and communication skills, the participants responded that these tools facilitated learning enabling them to save time and effort and providing opportunities for practicing and learn ing in a more conducive and interesting environment. The article is useful for educators of ESL students in terms of enhancing awareness on the crucial role that technology plays in improving both communication and language skills. Through the experience of six ESL students from diverse cultural orientations, the study illumined academic practitioners in identifying which specific technological tools are instrumental in providing opportunities to practice and learn outside the classroom

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